The last leg of this little one’s summer adventures around the highlands last year. Catching the sleeper train from Scotland.

It’s like stepping back in time on this train, and such a wonderful experience

What adventures have you been on over the summer?

@Littleivo @Littleivo Love and respect to this little guy. (and love, hugs and kisses of course) Travelling to all the outskirts of the island each time, with only Jelle as a supervising companion. I especially admire your courage in choice of sleepwear in such an unknown environment with unknown people. It must have been quite an experience. Hope your current summer holiday will be equally fun. Mine just started today.

Love and cuddles from Orion and Bloo~

@087orion Thankies! Actually Jelle couldn't come with me then as I was on my bicycle and only had a pair of panniers for 3 weeks travel. So I really was on my own! But he stayed at home and looked after my other stuffies for me.
I had a private room on the train, but I only took the onesie as sleepwear. I had to keep ordering diapers as I went along as I couldn't carry them all!!
Where are you off to on your holidays? Have fun!

@Littleivo I'm going to a fantasy theme park, outdoor pool, a zoo, the cinema, three little events/meetings with one sleepover, and perhaps I'll have a playdate if I can arrange one. All this in 21 days time... hehe. 😅

@087orion oh wow you sound super busy! Do you have a big to help you keep track of everything? Or does bloo have your schedule memorised?

@Littleivo Yes it's pretty busy... 😳

But it's better than sitting at home being bored. I've also been looking forward to doing all the little-stuff for a long time, so I'm excited the waiting is almost over! :blobaww:

Bloo knows exactly what we're going to do and my partner will be tagging along most of the time. So I'm sure between the three of us we'll manage everything fine. And if we forget we'll do it the next day. 😊

@Littleivo Is that a common thing over there? Taking trains? I sounds charming or rustic or something <3

@WetCountryBro In Europe it's quite common. Domestically I go everywhere by train or bicycle if I can. Driving isn't as fun as it is in the US.

@Littleivo Lol, sometimes it's fun to drive here. Other times it just gives you road rage. I think people's stupidity is enhanced in traffic somehow, or at least more apparent 🙄

@WetCountryBro yeah I understand what you mean. I hate driving round San Francisco and San Jose; the rush hour traffic is awful. But road trips out to somewhere like Lake Tahoe or Yosemite are amazing. Cruise control on, heated seats or air conditioning to preference, good friends and good food!

@Littleivo Now that is an adventure I would set for :D
Sending you hugs for also being brave enough to go alone. I would've needed a real-life human companion, I believe.

@HiccupingViking Hehe thankies! I really enjoyed that trip. Next time I would love to have someone to do it wit though!

@Littleivo Looks like a great adventure for such a little boy! I hope you slept well in your favorite onesie 🤗
This little one is currently hiking in Germany.

@overalls9050 Ooh it was amazing! I have more photos from that trip but I'll post them here later. I always sleep well in my onesie and a diaper!
Where are you hiking to in Germany today?

@Littleivo I’m so jealous! I’d love to go on that train 😁 how was it??

@Boyexploring it was amazing! A bit of a time warp as everything is from the 80s.
I’m hoping to go on it again soon. It’s a great way to travel!
Plus, being padded and in a onesie on that train is very nice! :diaper:
Next time I need to bring Jelle with me 🐻

@Littleivo ah it sounds awesome! I’d love an adventure like that! Was it expensive? (Hope you don’t mind me asking!) Have you been on many other adventures?

@Littleivo SO jealous. Have had this train( and visiting Scotland) on my list for years.

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