Two littles have a mischievous look in their eyes as they spy a pile of logs

One nappy change later... @james ok maybe I’m not such a big boy. Good thing @spacetiger packed some spare padding!

@Littleivo @james @spacetiger Diaper change in the woods? Don't get ants in your pants! 😅

@james @Littleivo @spacetiger Perhaps you shouldn't make stickies in the woods then... 😳

Ha, mystery solved. I knew @Littleivo wouldn’t keep it dry neither @james . Must have been a busy day for daddy @spacetiger too, keeping two littles in check and keeping two butts dry 😆

@Littleivo Where did your dungarees go? Hope you didn't have an accident. 😮

Yes @Littleivo , where’s your dungarees? Would have been a perfect outfit for exploring the woods. @087orion

@Littleivo @087orion Too warm, so you decided to wear long trousers? 🤔 It’s clear you need more adult supervision, a daddy would have given you shorts or shortalls! 😉

@overalls9050 @Littleivo @087orion yeah i think he did leak clearly why else would he be wearing the long trousers cant be "too warm"

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