All the little ones on here seem so well connected! So, I have a question - did anyone go to any pride events this year so far?
Does anyone know of any groups, (or virtual groups, e.g. on telegram) going to one that would be good to join?

@Littleivo Going this Saturday to a local pride as an adult. Not attending Amsterdam this year though I wanted to. No one to go with.

id love to go to the amsterdam pride!!! especially with fellow abdl's

@truefurr @087orion hehe I never went to one before! Maybe this year I’ll get to one!

@087orion ooh I look forward to hearing about it! If I go it will be as a big, not a little or a pup
It’s a shame you don’t have anyone to go with :( but I don’t know anyone to go with either!

I've been to the Warsaw Pride and it was amazing ^^
My first Pride, actually. I was kinda scared at first but the people there were just so sweet that I am now sad I didn't attend earlier events.

Good luck on the one you will visit :)

@Littleivo I haven’t made it to one yet. But planning on going to London Pride next weekend!

@Littleivo I'm going to Pride Amsterdam this year and so are a lot of ABDLs, but I figure you're talking about something a little closer to you 😅

@Littleivo I went to LBL 2019, and it was the most amazing experience I've ever had, I cried when it was time to go home!

I recommend Fetlife to discover groups and also attending these events to get to know everyone.

@Kentdaddy @Smallmimi hmm I went to ABC once but I felt a bit uncomfortable there :(

@Smallmimi I haven’t been on fetlife for a long time! It doesn’t work on my phone :(

From what I heard, LBL was amazing. Maybe I’ll get there one year

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