Ivo’s outfit for club luier today 

It’s such a lovely day today! I got to choose my own outfit too :)

Now, it’s got to be my favourite onesie and shortalls. But I’m having trouble deciding what underwear to wear for my day out to Amsterdam.

Should I wear big boy underwear with cool robots?

Or special underwear with cute teddy bears?

Jelle says I can wear my big boy underwear if I promise not to have any accidents.

Can you help me choose?

Ivo’s outfit for club luier today 

Perhaps to be safe you need your special underwear for a day out. But you can wear your big boy undies over the top

Ivo’s outfit for club luier today 

@Littleivo why not both ? 🙈
either the big boy underwear above the little one to hopefully hide he's still having daytime accidents.
or the other way around so he can still have accidents and be constantly reminded how a baby he is with the wet cotton against his skin 😇

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