Good morning little ones!
Did you all sleep well? No wet sheets? :diaper_wet: :dummy_blue:
Me and @jelle slept well.
Now we’re off for our second day of adventuring in the midlands!

@Littleivo @jelle wish I didn’t have to get up to go to work just want to stay in bed with fudge

@BabyDavid @jelle aww I feel for you! *hugs* Getting up early is never nice. Hopefully you’ll get some time off soon though :)

@Littleivo Oui j'ai bien dormi merci avec couche betterdry, c'est bien, mes drap son sec, je vais me changer pour la journée. Et toi

@titi78700 bonjour!
Sorry to be so late replying. It took me a while to translate. I don’t read French too often and I can’t really write it anymore. But I’m glad you slept well :)

@Littleivo Merci, c'est super de faire un effort, inversement je ne sais pas lire anglais, j'aime discuté avec les gens

@dreamingdiapers mhm. He always gets me. I thought there was going to be a Littles army to defeat him?!

@Littleivo guess the army is "too little" to fight such a foe. Or maybe he just attacks after bedtime. 😁

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