Had a great time at tonight! I got to meet so many new people, including @BabyDavid, @PaddedTwink @alittleravenclaw, @LilTraveller, @montuur, @kinesecd, @diaperheroes , @Ababyboy, @Littleboyrami and many others from around the world. Here’s a snap of me and @diaperdash modelling our latest and
Did you have a good weekend? Did you get to spend it with your friends and making new ones?

@landro @BabyDavid @PaddedTwink @alittleravenclaw @LilTraveller @montuur @kinesecd @diaperheroes @Ababyboy @Littleboyrami @diaperdash
Ooh hello @landro! I remember the monkey with the onesie! Next time you’re there he should come say hi to Jelle my teddy bear! I hope you enjoyed it!

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