Airport security took issue with me being padded while leaving Schiphol today. Had to stand in a room with my trousers around my ankles for fifteen minutes while three security (and a supervisor) checked out my printed nappy. While I didn’t understand what they said in Dutch I did pickup on “pampers” a few times. While embarrassing and annoying it was pretty funny. The supervisor was friendly and apologised when they let me go though 🤷‍♂️


@james oh noes! I had the complete opposite experience. They didn’t even notice my padding. Are you sure you weren’t wet though? They can pick that up! Glad you got through ok though...

@Littleivo maybe, but when I went through the same security last time they did the additional pat down and didn’t have an issue. I guess it depends who you get.

@james hmm, maybe you were just unlucky. Was it a particularly baby-ish printed nappy or could you at least claim it was a childish one?

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