I’m gunna give this platform another try. More stuff on my insta @newsiebaby

~ hold'up, Kiddo ⚠️ aren't you a little tooo smol to be playin' wit the Big Bears ❓

🎶 *Bang* *Bang* *Bang* Bang* 🎵

"Daddyyyyy, when is dinner going to be ready? My tumbly is rumbly." 🍝 🧐

Could do with being a padded little spoon to be honest

What’s the better look? Shorts with a noticeable diaper bulge or no shorts at all?

If I’m gonna be in the house all day might as well be comfortable

I wanna watch cartoons, and I don’t wanna change first!

Enjoying my first day off with my new job! Morning breakfast with George!

Ways to be little when you can't put on a nappie:
-Wear a cute outfit (putting on socks can be tricky, so beware)
-Read comic books (although it is known that babies can't read)

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