Damn 3 diaper change today. :diaper_wet:
One poo and wet and 2 heavy wet. Currently wearing my fourth diaper today.

Diaper change!

Someone doing your diaper change like this before? Pee or poop diaper don’t matter

Laying down position

Undo the taped of the diaper and lifted both legs straight up in the air. with one free hand using the front inside of diaper to wiping down motion to middle of diaper to clear poo away from your butt. Then used wipes clean the rest up.

Comment below

I saw Baby Boss 2 movie tonight at the theater! It was awesome. Of course I was diapered up and dress in Ab cute outfit with my favorite Blankey!

You ever had those day where you out and about your day running errands. You change your diaper regularly. That you needed air it out sometimes you down there. Specially with this heat of summer. :diaper_wet:

Is there a diapers out there that can keep cool? Decide medical diaper :diaper:

What about you? You been there?πŸ₯΅

Who brave enough throw wet diaper away in
Office bathroom trash can? Like this no bag

How do you ever consider you as Baby? if you change your diaper twice or three Time a day. Cause baby go through diaper like 6-8 diaper a day depending on the day. elderly folk go through 2-3 maybe even 4.

What’s your though on on this?

I went to the mall today window shopping and while in the mall I was diapered of course. Need to be change soon.Just soggy diaper waiting in line to go to restroom stall or family restroom to change my diaper. I heard a family behind me talking story. Out of no where there was little boy said sniffing the air He said Ewwww out loud so everyone can hear to his mom someone smell like stinky diaper. As he pinch his nose closed. His mom said you need mind your business.For me I never react.

Diaper change at playground park picnic bench table. I like this park it very secluded 😏 :diaper_wet: am in dinosaur outfit today and matching diaper to go with it.

Which one you prefer diaper? Why?

Question? Do you go through diaper like a 5 months Baby average about 8 diaper per day.

What your diaper usage like ?

Okay I can do dis get dress on my ownπŸ˜‚
Now if just find the other flip on my onesie!

My babe did a quick early morning diaper change on me before she left for work. :diaper_wet:

Morning! woke up to warm wet heavy diaper waiting to get change! :diaper_wet:. I look so cute in diaperπŸ˜πŸ€©πŸ¦•

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