So here’s a little update about my visit at the ABDL Munch in Amsterdam, in one word:


I finally got to meet other littles and very sweet daddies! I got to see @Littleivo @Andy @overalls9050 @amsterdad @Dutchbabyboy @diaperheroes @spacetiger and many more, i even had some playtime with @james. One thing for sure.. i will be back!!

Maybe next time i better got my diapee changed before going home. I was drenched by the time i arrived.. and no, it wasn’t just the rain 🤭 :diaper_wet:

@Littleboyrami @Littleivo @Andy @amsterdad @Dutchbabyboy @diaperheroes @spacetiger @james

As another newby I can only confirm what Rami said. It was at first overwhelming and overall amazing to be with all of you guys today. So great to meet many people from the online community in real life. I will also be back on one of the next editions!

Also thanks to the Swiss pack (@knister @littllexoxobaby @MoonyDreams) for the nice diner afterwards 😉

Almost bedtime now for this little boy... 😴

@abdl123 You can find most information here:

It is every two months, next on the 14.April.

@Littleboyrami @Littleivo @Andy @overalls9050 @amsterdad @Dutchbabyboy @diaperheroes @james Well done for being brave and going along 👏 Glad you had a fun time 🙂 You made some pretty great towers with those blocks

@Littleboyrami @Littleivo @Andy @overalls9050 @amsterdad @diaperheroes @spacetiger @james

Was lovely too meet you to! Definitely looking forward to see you all again next time ^^

@DonnietheBabyPichu hehe, yep.. what @WindelnSindCool says! Would love to go to New York some time though! 😋

@Littleboyrami Not the city though. I live in the state of New York. I can't stand cities. Especially one like NYC which is infamous for its intolerant l-... Well... Let's just say it gets pretty bad there.

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