- there’s nothing like a cuddle with your favourite stuffie! Here’s me and Jelle enjoying a (not so early) lay in!
What’s your favourite stuffies name?


@Littleivo hii there! :blobaww: This here is “Beertje” it’s dutch for “Little Bear”. I think Jelle and Beertje are about the same size. I bet they would have lots of fun if they were together!

@Littleboyrami hi Beertje! Jelle is Dutch too! I’m told it’s a typical Friesland name, but he’s from the countryside near Amsterdam. I’m sure Jelle and Beertje would get on well! Jelle is very sociable and adventurous :)

@Littleivo omg that’s awesome, what are the odds 🙈 well let’s hope they cross each other’s paths on their adventures some day! :blobaww:

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