“Funny how things work out sometimes. I felt like i needed some time for myself which is why i was away for awhile. Now when there’s enough time i feel much better, but not allowed to go out for social activities. :blobpats:

So how’s everyone doing?”

Ps these Tena pants keep things dry pretty well during some video games! 👦🏻

“It’s a new year! 😁 Time to set up some new goals like going for another career! So i’m practicing my elevator pitch. How am i doing?” 🧐

🎈“Playing with balloons is fun, but playing with balloons on your B-day is twice the fun!! 👦🏻🥳

:blobaww: “Last weekend was awesome! Was glad to be at CL (Club Luier in Amsterdam) and see some friends again. I’m surprised that every time i get there i get to see and meet new people! I really love to go there. 🙃

The day after @Littleivo and i went to a ‘secret’ play party with lots of fun, candy and games! (So thanks to those, who i cannot tag, who made this possible) 👀😋

You can imagine these two little boys were exhausted after all the excitement.” 😴

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My new stuffie is so sweet, i love cuddling him 🥰
Now it's time to found him a name :3

🥰 “Was going through some pictures that where made earlier this year. After seeing this picture i really want to buy some more of the SDK’s. They make a good resemblance with the ones from back in the 90’s.” :baby_dummy:

😓 “This ‘Better dry’ diaper was obviously not so dry after all. Unfortunately I found out AFTER doing groceries.” 🙄😅

“Daddy i need to go potty, can you do the buttons?” 😣

“Sometimes we need to compromise within a relationship, so here is my favorite kind of underwear :diaper: + my bf favorite color 💜

Rearz Seduction Violet” 🥰

☀️ “It turned out to be a very sunny day last Sunday. So my bf took me and Seb out for some adventures! 🧢🎒

It took some time to realize the trees where a bit too high for Seb!” 🤦🏻‍♂️

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“When you wake up in a wet bed and realize you weren’t swimming... I hate it.” 😣😔

“Storytime!! I just had an amazing present from my bf as a little distraction from the tooth pain. It’s a book starring me and Otis! We’re famous!” 🤩

* I have a question! Which mastodon application do you use on your phone❓

At first i was using Tootdon but that one is not supported anymore. Now i’m trying to make a post with my current app ‘Mast’ but this time it won’t let me add pictures.. 😔 Payed 5 euro’s for an application that has way to many issues. I hope it gets fixed soon because it has some nice features. But for now i just want an app that actually does work.. 😅

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