👦🏻 “A new year with new adventures, which i’ve decided to only be the fun ones this time!” 🚼😜

When i checked my notifications today i just bursted out crying, so much warmth and support.. No words can describe how much it means to me! ❤️‍🩹

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So i really need some things off my chest about myself and current situation. I haven’t spoken to a lot of you for a long time now and here’s why: as stated earlier found out having ADD. This isn’t a big issue, though it doesn’t help when you brake contact with your best friend,for 16 years. Who apparently didn’t care what i was going through. Finding out having a hernia which will be hard to get rid of. But the worst of all is that i broke up with my BF after almost 9 years.. I’m broken 😢💔

☀️ 🏖 “Had a lovely day at the beach last weekend! Guess i’ve stayed as brave as always since I haven’t been around.” 😄

“A very sleepy little boy after playing with his dog..😴.. he might need a fresh diaper when he wakes up!” 😧

🦖🦕“Now the dinosaurs are saved from extinction, it’s time to safe the anima..
no wait that’s not it..
time to feed the animals?”🤔 :blobpats:

👮‍♂️⛔️ “For a long time we’ve been told to ‘Stay home and Stay safe’ but i know that a lot littles in here (including myself) haven’t been able to find their little self during the pandemic, each for their own reasons of course, even when we stayed home and safe. So i was thinking about a more appropriate one for this community. How about:

🚼 “Stay Different, Stay weird!” :baby_dummy: :diaper:

👦🏻 “It hasn’t been very easy for me in the past (almost) two years already. But i’m lucky to say that this beautiful little creature really brings me some joy in life. I just love her so much!” 💕🐶

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Blue got dressed up by his big brother @thatbabyboy and had a little snackparty with his plushies. We had bottles and sweets for everyone😋

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“A smile to a better future! ☺️ We wish you all the best year ever!” 👦🏻🧸🐶

“Everyone needs to be out of daily routine to reflect on themselves for ones in a while. Even your plushies..❤️”

“These redesigned Bambino teddy are definitely a keeper!” 🥰

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“Inspection is done by professionals... 🧐🧸🐻”

☀️“hey little guy, rise and shine! Let me put you in a fresh nappy, take away all the bad feelings and start a happy day shall we?” :baby_dummy:

Even if you’re not really into rap/hip hop music you should give it a try.. A special song just for us 👶🏻🍼


🥰 “It’s been way too long sinds i started my day like this.. cuddling with my stuffies while waiting to get changes.. one of the most soothing ways to wake up! 👦🏻🧸

“Funny how things work out sometimes. I felt like i needed some time for myself which is why i was away for awhile. Now when there’s enough time i feel much better, but not allowed to go out for social activities. :blobpats:

So how’s everyone doing?”

Ps these Tena pants keep things dry pretty well during some video games! 👦🏻

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