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“When you wake up in a wet bed and realize you weren’t swimming... I hate it.” 😣😔

“Storytime!! I just had an amazing present from my bf as a little distraction from the tooth pain. It’s a book starring me and Otis! We’re famous!” 🤩

* I have a question! Which mastodon application do you use on your phone❓

At first i was using Tootdon but that one is not supported anymore. Now i’m trying to make a post with my current app ‘Mast’ but this time it won’t let me add pictures.. 😔 Payed 5 euro’s for an application that has way to many issues. I hope it gets fixed soon because it has some nice features. But for now i just want an app that actually does work.. 😅

👦🏻 “I was being a brave boy today!! Just got back from the dental surgeon clinic where i got two teeth removed. That was no fun at all! 😰 By the time i was home, i got all the love i needed! Seb was very curious what was happening though.” 😅

❤️ “Every time when i put on a thick nappy and this very soft PJ’s i feel like i’m in heaven..

Especially this time when i found out that there are more than a thousand other babies and daddies that are interested in the content i post on here.

More than a thousand Thankies for following this baby boy!!” 👦🏻🧸

👦🏻🔧“Something different then playing with toys, but this little likes to do some technical stuff too, like servicing my PS4. Removing the dust can be very soothing but you need to be very careful on some parts!”

‼️ I almost forgot, it’s finally here! K-12 from Melanie Martinez. It’s a music film of the album, a must see for the community i think. ☺️


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After spending all day in the park, @spacetiger got me changed and put me down for the night.

Thanks to @Littleboyrami for providing the nappies for my adventures 🤗

“Belt or no belt? I mean like this you dont see the buldge...” 🤔😅

☀️ “Last Sunday was really great! I went (properly padded of course) to the ABDL picnic at Vondelpark in Amsterdam. It was really nice to catch up with some friends and meeting new ones. At some point i needed a little help from @amsterdad and @spacetiger climbing the trees with @james. Two daddies helping me out, lucky me! 👦🏻 Anyway, everyone was amazing so i was glad to be out there!” 🧺

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☀️”Seems like it’s going to be very nice weather this weekend, just perfect for a picnic!” 😁🧺

“Let’s do a I believe i haven’t posted this one yet. But I really love it when my feet can’t touch the ground when i sit on the side of my bed!” 👦🏻

“So i made a few changes to today’s outfit:
Little rawrs from Tykables in stead of Tena cloth backed and of course another minions shirt! Let’s hope no one noticed my crinkly butt!” 🙈🤭

“Back to work again so i’m trying to find a good balance between adult me and little me again.. Today’s outfit makes a good compromise don’t you think? 😁

Though i am not so sure if this is little me or adult me.” :blobpats:

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