Can’t sleep.. just a little exited for this weekend! 😅

Bedtime story please? 😬

“Nothing beats the feeling of being padded after getting rid off the all the body hair, like a real baby boy!”🧴💨 :diaper:

“What do you babies think about the Fabine Teddy diapers?” :blobaww: 🧸

“Don’t think we need any context on this one..” 😌🚼

“That moment when a coworker jokingly tells you, you have earned a sticker.. if only they knew...” :diaper_wet: :blobpats:

“Oh oh.. I think these aquanauts are way below sea level!” 😳🤭🌊

“Had a lovely day with my bf in Amsterdam today and we did a little shopping! What do you think of my new outfit?” 🥰

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“Oohh summer is almost there!! I can feel it’s getting warmer and warmer. ☺️🌞

Ohh.. ehh.. wait.. that’s coming from my diapee..” 🤭

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My friend ChrissyT made this. Let's get together and catch this monster.. Hee Hee !

“It’s been a long time since i wore some pull-ups. I guess it’s due to the fact i didn’t fit those anymore. 🙄 However, now when i kinda accidentally noticed i wear my diapers almost 24/7 and stupidly forgot to stock up, i had to go out to the stores and see if i could find a pack of pampers size 8. Unfortunately i didn’t find those but.. i did find these pull-ups size 9 (+65kg). And as you can see they are a perfect fit!.. and a little wet.. maybe..” 🤭👦🏻

🚀 Report from NASA: “Space seems to be a very soft and fluffy environment. And those aliens everyone has been talking about are very easy to defeat!” 😈💦🤭

😯 “Is this how the cool kids wear their pants?” 🤔

👦🏻 “Yaay look daddy!!.. Dry sheets!” ✅

“My bear Otis is very shy lately but i think he wants to say Hii!” 👋🏻 🧸

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So nice to meet a new padded friend. Who's next ?

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Sometimes you just need a hug. No matter how small.

Zipper, my zebra plush, knows I've been feeling down this week. I lost contact with my little bro. How can I be a big bro if there is no one to play with anymore?

Sad feelings right now. But I'll be oké. 😔

👦🏻 :dummy: Happy easter everyone! 🐣🐰🐇

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