“Being a little and having a “vanilla” relationship is just something really difficult to deal with.. but in the end, waking up like this knowing your boyfriend tucked in your stuffies while you’re asleep is something really special..” 👼🏻🧸

For a while now I’ve been wanting to write a reflection of my last year in the little world.

In short it’s been amazing!
I’ve met so many new friends (way too many to mention them all here, but you know who you are!), travelled all over Europe, improved my confidence massively, explored my sexuality, learned how to tell a story, joined so many platforms, and so much more.
To anyone wondering about getting started in the little world, or going to an event, I’d definitely recommend doing it!

So here’s a little update about my visit at the ABDL Munch in Amsterdam, in one word:


I finally got to meet other littles and very sweet daddies! I got to see @Littleivo @Andy @overalls9050 @amsterdad @Dutchbabyboy @diaperheroes @spacetiger and many more, i even had some playtime with @james. One thing for sure.. i will be back!!

Maybe next time i better got my diapee changed before going home. I was drenched by the time i arrived.. and no, it wasn’t just the rain 🤭 :diaper_wet:

“Sometimes we all just have to face our fears. But even then we can get some comfort by just holding on to your closest ones.” 💖💕🐻

It’s official now, i’m going to the ABDL Munch in Amsterdam next Sunday! This will be my very first abdl event ever.. so i am super excited but also really nervous. 😅

I know some of you in here will go as well, so feel free to DM me if you want to.

Hopefully i will see you there then! :blobaww:

Not sure where Toothless was staring at 🤔
“What’s that smell by the way, i promise it’s not me!” 😖🚼

👦🏻 Hii everyone!! I just wanna say how awesome i think this place is. And i would like to thank you soo much for being part of that! 💖

Since these butterflies keep going away i asked an old (but very tiny) friend to watch them take off together with me. Buuut they don’t fly away, they just disappear... how is this even possible? 😦🤷🏻‍♂️

Crinklz was my very first ABDL diaper.. Until this day it’s still one off my favorites!! 👶🏻 :pride_100:

What’s your favorite “underwear”? 🤭 :diaper:

Over 300 followers already in just a month! :blobpats: BIG THANKS EVERYONE!! 💖 It really makes me feel fitting in and feel like a little even more! I mean look wat you guys do to me.. you even give me the comfort to make me sleep like a little baby boy 😴💤

“Oh oh.. 🤭 can someone please change my :diaper_wet: BEFORE these buttons pop off?” :blobpats: Show more

🎶 Do you little’s know Melanie Martinez?
If not, maybe you should listen to her music, i think she’s amazing! 🎶 👶🏻 :dummy:

⛔️ Though it may be marked as “explicit” content. So you better ask your CG first if you’re allowed to! ⛔️


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