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Blue got dressed up by his big brother @thatbabyboy and had a little snackparty with his plushies. We had bottles and sweets for everyone😋

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“A smile to a better future! ☺️ We wish you all the best year ever!” 👦🏻🧸🐶

“Everyone needs to be out of daily routine to reflect on themselves for ones in a while. Even your plushies..❤️”

“These redesigned Bambino teddy are definitely a keeper!” 🥰

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“Inspection is done by professionals... 🧐🧸🐻”

☀️“hey little guy, rise and shine! Let me put you in a fresh nappy, take away all the bad feelings and start a happy day shall we?” :baby_dummy:

Even if you’re not really into rap/hip hop music you should give it a try.. A special song just for us 👶🏻🍼


🥰 “It’s been way too long sinds i started my day like this.. cuddling with my stuffies while waiting to get changes.. one of the most soothing ways to wake up! 👦🏻🧸

“Funny how things work out sometimes. I felt like i needed some time for myself which is why i was away for awhile. Now when there’s enough time i feel much better, but not allowed to go out for social activities. :blobpats:

So how’s everyone doing?”

Ps these Tena pants keep things dry pretty well during some video games! 👦🏻

“It’s a new year! 😁 Time to set up some new goals like going for another career! So i’m practicing my elevator pitch. How am i doing?” 🧐

🎈“Playing with balloons is fun, but playing with balloons on your B-day is twice the fun!! 👦🏻🥳

:blobaww: “Last weekend was awesome! Was glad to be at CL (Club Luier in Amsterdam) and see some friends again. I’m surprised that every time i get there i get to see and meet new people! I really love to go there. 🙃

The day after @Littleivo and i went to a ‘secret’ play party with lots of fun, candy and games! (So thanks to those, who i cannot tag, who made this possible) 👀😋

You can imagine these two little boys were exhausted after all the excitement.” 😴

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My new stuffie is so sweet, i love cuddling him 🥰
Now it's time to found him a name :3

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