“Let’s do a I believe i haven’t posted this one yet. But I really love it when my feet can’t touch the ground when i sit on the side of my bed!” 👦🏻

“So i made a few changes to today’s outfit:
Little rawrs from Tykables in stead of Tena cloth backed and of course another minions shirt! Let’s hope no one noticed my crinkly butt!” 🙈🤭

“Back to work again so i’m trying to find a good balance between adult me and little me again.. Today’s outfit makes a good compromise don’t you think? 😁

Though i am not so sure if this is little me or adult me.” :blobpats:

“Went on a little trip to Phantasialand last weekend, it’s a theme park in Germany. 🇩🇪 Did you know they have the longest and fastest roller coaster in the world? 😬💨🎢

And guess what.. i was allowed to take a ride!! Does this mean i am a big boy now?” 👦🏻🧸

“Time for some video games!! 😁🎮

.. and a fresh diaper maybe..” 🤭

“Love it when i wake up and realize that I managed to keep al my stuffies close during my sleep!” 🥰

“In the last few weeks i was living under a stone, dealing with some difficulties. It was a good thing to do, though i want to apologize if i haven’t replied back to you yet. I promise i will come back to you.

For now, i am happy i found back my little me! 😊 Did my little friends and i miss anything?”

Thanks for all suggestions! ☺️ It wasn’t easy but i think Beertje, Otis and i picked a good name.. Tuco! He is getting used to his new name and friends already! 🧸🐯🐻

“Always good to go for a walk in the woods to clear out your mind or de stress a bit. 🌳

Making new friends makes things even better! 🐯👦🏻

Still looking for a name for my soft little friend. Any suggestions?” 😊

🖍 “After a long week pretending to be an adult it was time for some coloring! As long as it lasted...” 😴

Can’t sleep.. just a little exited for this weekend! 😅

Bedtime story please? 😬

“Nothing beats the feeling of being padded after getting rid off the all the body hair, like a real baby boy!”🧴💨 :diaper:

“What do you babies think about the Fabine Teddy diapers?” :blobaww: 🧸

“Don’t think we need any context on this one..” 😌🚼

“That moment when a coworker jokingly tells you, you have earned a sticker.. if only they knew...” :diaper_wet: :blobpats:

“Oh oh.. I think these aquanauts are way below sea level!” 😳🤭🌊

“Had a lovely day with my bf in Amsterdam today and we did a little shopping! What do you think of my new outfit?” 🥰

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“Oohh summer is almost there!! I can feel it’s getting warmer and warmer. ☺️🌞

Ohh.. ehh.. wait.. that’s coming from my diapee..” 🤭

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