Updated the play gym. Got some Star Wars sheets and a plush stacker at thrift store

Went to Lilkinkboutique’s grand opening of their brick and mortar store yesterday. Got this Disney romper, Stitch pacifier, gaming pacifier clip, Star Wars bib, Dino outfit and robot pocket diaper.

“Charmander, I told ya I’m dressed as Pikachu to help catch Pokémon in Pokémon Legend.”


“No my diaper won’t give it away. I’m Pikachu.”

I had an interesting session with my therapist yesterday. It was enlightening on me being ABDL.

I came to realization that being big, responsible, and going to work is my super hero identity and my little side is my super identity. My little side is me being Bruce Wayne. It is who I am, every day. Going to work, paying bills, and being responsible is me being Batman.

Me being ABDL is not a kink or fetish. It’s a lifestyle

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