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Pictures (screenshots form my tumblr/fetlife as I don’t have originals anymore) from 6/7 years ago.

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First week of doing couch to 5k is complete.

First two runs I was really struggling and my breathing felt difficult. Was kinda worried .But today was good.

Looking forward to improving :)

Decided that I need to get healthy again soo I've started doing couch to 5k. Did the first day today :) hopefully in 8 weeks time I'll be able to run 5 km

My lil bro from the UK showed me this, I guess he's too shy to post the link. They have very very cool things and pjs there. I hope you enjoy that store.

I like the Looney Toons, my lil bro the Rugrats, but then again, he changes his mind every minutes. Little boys.. Geeze. 😂😝

Umm @Bkid5 morning nappy check, very soggy and bulky. I felt so tiny this morning 😳

SO covid can get the hell outta my body now.
7 days so far 😭 .

Really needing to be in nappies more. Wanting to escape adult world and be little more of the time.

Not here much these days, nor padded much either. Was forgetting how nice it feels, I need this more.

House sitting for my friend JJ. His let me have access to his diapers stash.

Soo I get to be the real me.. padded dungarees wearing lil baby boy :)

Gonna go out laters for walk in my dungarees


Why do I run into all these people in my life.

More rant to follow….

Mama wanted me padded last night, she can be very persuasive. I don’t think I need nappies but some how end up in them.

Driving a colleague home through town he stopped mid conversation and said “I’ve just seen something strange back there…Two men one made up with pig tails and his on what look to be giant baby reins” I said I didn’t see (which is true). Then he said “must be some kind of strange fetish thing” I down played it and changed topic subtly.

Gonna vent here for a sec. sorry

My current situation is really getting me down/stressing me out . My job is crap and I’m dreading going in. It’s physical exhausting under paid work. My work load is stupidly high to the point that I feel I can’t take holiday. I can’t afford to buy my own place on what it pays. Just feels like treading water.

So I need advice… I need to change jobs to something better paid with more prospects.

Anyone here changed career for the better?


Sooo much sogginess 🥺

I dun know what to say… ummm.. I’m still a grown up right? *hides*

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