Nice to be a padded butt after a long hot day (need to hydrate a lot so padding is a must).
Anyway really wish I could be a baby more often.

Just dreaming about what I’d do with £115m (this weeks lottery).

Would have a big house and grounds with my own cinema room, side museum for film /game collectibles and memorabilia also a retro arcade.

I’d have secret area for abdl stuff. It’d have big play room (soft play and ball pity). A main and several guest nurseries. Also an out door play area. Maybe set it all up as a little street scene and have sweet shop and and toy store.

I love planing this kinda stuff lol.

@BlueStar @thatbabyboy it is great, don't get me wrong! But a sweaty diaper is not really that much fun. Doesn't mean I won't wear at all though 😂

Saturday night cuddles with my four favourite stuffies Siberia fudge , caramel and Thomas.

Just heads up to be careful if you use to search for abdl items. Had ab recommendation popping up on the Facebook page of someone in my house hold.. I’ve never used their phone and they are not even on wish. So I was very casual when they showed me, commenting on “strange stuff” that wish recommends.

Very scary stuff, changed some fb privacy settings and deleted wish ... but yeah almost been outed by a shopping site 🤯😡🤬😤

ABDL little Rascal diaper 

Worked outside today, I was filthy when I finished, sinon washed up and padded up. Time to relax now !

Lately I usually tell mummy and big bro that I’m a grown up.. but today I told them that I am a baby. So now I’ve been made to wear double nappies tonight 😳

Not cute but practical.. least it’s padding that’s all that counts right?

First picture in a while. Not been a crinkle butt in ages. So mama asked/told me to pad up 🤣😂 (also she put me in chastity 😭)

Daddy/Hubby just surprised me with this commission of him and me :D. I love it!!!! did a awsome cute job of it!

Feel I need to make effort and be little this weekend.

I have some really sad news.

On 19th of March mikey @Boatbaby54 passed away after suffering a short illness.

I know he was a good friend to many here and he will be missed.

In my chats with him he was alway very supportive and positive always showing interest in the things and places I showed him. Really will miss talking and so sad we will never get to meet.

I’m not good at this kind of thing... sorry.

Anxiety is getting bad. I am very scared of current situation in uk. I’m actually shaking with nerves.

Just see people mobbing supermarkets and they are all spreading the infection.

I’ve got work tomorrow.. don’t think my company will stop till government shuts down every thing.

How is everyone doing? Very scary days lately. Just wanna make sure people are fine

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