Gonna vent here for a sec. sorry

My current situation is really getting me down/stressing me out . My job is crap and I’m dreading going in. It’s physical exhausting under paid work. My work load is stupidly high to the point that I feel I can’t take holiday. I can’t afford to buy my own place on what it pays. Just feels like treading water.

So I need advice… I need to change jobs to something better paid with more prospects.

Anyone here changed career for the better?


Sooo much sogginess 🥺

I dun know what to say… ummm.. I’m still a grown up right? *hides*

Feeling little and ready for bed. I chose a cute nappy tonight with dinos on 😁

Rare occasion were I’m in a nappy and soggy. Tho think I’d definitely like it if they were more frequent.

Getting my first vaccination jab in a few hours. Nerves have just set in 😱

Struggling to do work stuff today. I’m so tired. And kinda skiving the afternoon away.

I got up at 5 in the morning to cycle 16 miles to work, was -2° c and my fingers were frozen 🥺. Took me 2 hours to get to work plus an hour for my fingers to painfully thaw out.

Sometimes I wonder why I do these things lol

Mama got me these super cute dungarees back in January and I haven’t worn/posted/mentioned them to anybody. Even tho I love them I feel very shy about wearing them in public.

Maybe when this whole covid thing is over I’ll wear them to some ab events/meets.

Wow adulting is so hard.

Just seems all I do is go from and to work, so I decided to commute by cycling there every now and again. It’s 16 miles, hilly and rural. Well I did it Monday just gone.

It was very fun BUT! has left me total physically exhausted (my mama was like told you so).

Taking it super easy at work but it’s such a struggle.

Hoping I get some snow this weekend. Always misses my location 😭😭

Birthdays are sooo depressing when you’re a grown up. Thankfully it’s almost over.

Christmas break over and back to work tomorrow , I’m not lucky enough to be able to do my job from home. Didn’t get furloughed in lockdowns either (company could of and the work isn’t vital but that never happened)

I’ve lost friends to this virus. I know people that have had it (confirmed), it has took such a toll on their health.

I’m so anxious, we are in tier 4 hotspot. Spent 2 weeks at home now having to be near strangers and work colleagues.

Might have mental breakdown 😭

So so wet this morning. Mummy said I should of asked permission before changing but I sweet talked my way outta a punishment hehe (bigs are so easy to get around lol)

Nice to be a padded butt after a long hot day (need to hydrate a lot so padding is a must).
Anyway really wish I could be a baby more often.

Just dreaming about what I’d do with £115m (this weeks lottery).

Would have a big house and grounds with my own cinema room, side museum for film /game collectibles and memorabilia also a retro arcade.

I’d have secret area for abdl stuff. It’d have big play room (soft play and ball pity). A main and several guest nurseries. Also an out door play area. Maybe set it all up as a little street scene and have sweet shop and and toy store.

I love planing this kinda stuff lol.

@BlueStar @thatbabyboy it is great, don't get me wrong! But a sweaty diaper is not really that much fun. Doesn't mean I won't wear at all though 😂

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