Not always that clear to see if someone is padded :diaper: (see the first pic).

But as soon as the pants drop it clear for all to see why I do not go to the bathroom that often. πŸ˜†

Really like these shorts because they are just big engough I can wear some good padding, here a Better Dry with booster, but not to lose. πŸ‘

Also wearing plastic pants because with the amount of stories I have of leaks the safest bet is that wear these too. Or I need to find thicker diapers. πŸ˜…


- Bit of a follow up: Wanted to try something different, usually cut mine picture from the neck down, but I wanted to show bit more soo blurred mine face. πŸ•΅οΈ

And NO, I do not plan to show mine face in the future, you need to be a very persuade daddy/caregiver to make me do that (or have a lot of cookies πŸͺ )

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