(I did not have enough space, so here part 2 of message: @james I need more characters πŸ˜† )

I have not had a chance to fit them, but I expect pictures soon of me with my padded butt 😜

And I can not say this often eough, thank you @diaperheroes πŸ‘

Take a look at what arrived for me. It is the diapers I won thanks to the Diaper Give Away (EU) 🀩

I had chosen the Rearz Safari because in my opinion these are one of the best kind of ABDl diapers out there. Not only of how they look, but also the absorption and the fit are prefect. πŸ€“

I want to thank @james agian for selecting me as the winner. And special thanks to @diaperheroes
for organizing this competition and for the quick and discreet shipping. πŸ‘

Giant diaper Show more

At the momemt with winning the diaper give-away and consequence of new followers and congratulations I get, I feel like the kid that just go pack of gum and everyone at school wants one. πŸ˜‚

Okay, this a weird way to wake up, getting a notice that I won the Diaper Give-away (EU). (I still have the feeling this a joke 🀨 )

But thank you @diaperheroes for the prize and @james for picking me as the winner. πŸŽ‰

This the first time a silly joke won me anything. πŸ˜‚

Also thank you to the people congratulating me.

One more time going back to the post I put up this morning. I had this meme on mine phone for months now and I have finally reason to use it. πŸ˜…

But do not worry I had an extra diaper and changing supplies with me in my backpack.😁

Only I had to wait a bit before I went on with my day because my jeans were still wet. The wet spot was not too bad but clearly visible on my pants.πŸ˜’

It is all fun and games wearing a diaper until you are busy shopping and the diaper starts to leak from the sides. Leaving a wet stain on your butt.

To be honest, I always have the best night rest when I am padded 😊 (I think a lot a people here can agree).

But still I can not get to sleep easily. I think it's because I am not padded often enough. I still find it so
exciting to be wearing them to bed. πŸ€”

But due to the situation, I have not yet had the chance to actually wear them for several days.

I swear I’ll start posting new pics at some point...but until then here’s one from when I was doubled up and napping on the couch. Not sure how my pj bottoms got pulled all the way down tho 🀨

As all of my boys know, Daddy likes nothing more than putting his baby boy in his bath. And after staying for a few days with me and his big brother Max and visiting Club Luier, my little boy @paddedcammy2 presented me with this, a bath duck as was never seen before. And I can’t wait to proudly share it with all of you diapered baby boys out there! It totally captures the joy of being Daddy to an AB! The little duckling is even diapered, see? Have you had your bath today, little buddy?

in mine cute sleeping bag of whatever ya call it
where i am from we call it trappelzak

A diaper pin, clipped to a bag or lanyard is a nice, inconspicuous way to let other AB/DL people know you're one, too :3

Oh and before I forget:
❄️ β˜ƒοΈ πŸŽ„ A Merry Christmas to all and to all a padded night. πŸŽ„ β˜ƒοΈ ❄️

Hello, weird and wonderfull people from the internet.

Mine name is Little-J, I used to be found on tumblr but like most people know that dead on 17 dec.

But just to day I found this amazing site (a Christmas mircaleπŸŽ„ ) so I will see how it goes here.

And maybe I will start posting more stuff again, lets celebrate wil nice evening diaper picture.


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