Find me at Folsom and come say hi! Also touch my padded butt :P

Diaper Booty 

When you had a fun weekend filled with lots of wet diapers!

Diaper Boi 

When you are alone in a hotel in SF but want someone to fuck your ass and then diaper you :(

Rainbow Padded Booty and Feet 

Just a little baby boy alone in the hotel playing his PlayStation

Tomorrow is Up Your Alley in San Francisco and this is my outfit!

Are you going to be there too???

Littles Night!! 🍼 🔥 🍹 

Had tons of fun at “Littles Night” at the SF Eagle bar! They even put my drink in a sippy cup! Big Sis has to change me twice cuz I always a wet baby. Back home though and ready for another change.

ABDL: Thick diapie booty ❤️ 

Been in this for 14 hours!! So thick! Need some more local ABDL friends to enjoy this with though! Are you near SF Bay Area/Sacramento??

*Tykables Little Rawrs w/ 3 Quadro Stuffers from Bambino

Diapie Boy! 

I no wanna go to work! I wanna stay home and wear diapies!

Cute Diaper Booty 

Anyone wanna come give some diapie pats and cuddles??

Wet Boy 🤷‍♂️ 

I have no idea how this got wet and warm! But it feels nice! Might be missing something though... not sure what it could be though! What do you think I am missing?

Diapie Stash! (ABDL) 

I took a picture today of all the different diapies I has!

Bedtime Little! (ABDL) 

Just getting ready for bedtimes! I unfortunately has ya sleep through most of Xmas cuz I gotta work midnight shift :( and I didn’t get visited by Santa :’(

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