So today is my 30th birthday! I feel old but daddy says I’m still his baby boy 😇

My amazing new onesie and gold dummy were Birthday gifts from my fantastic baby brother @lostboyabdl

There’s a video over on my tumblr and there’s more to come from our hike too ☺️

Really love these!
They’re a medium but fit like a large and they’re so crinkly. They make me feel so small, I love the plastic feel of them! 😍

A thickly padded boy!
I know it’s just a crotch shot but damn I need a hair cut. Let’s hope isolation is over soon 😂

Loved the old tykables Overnights and love the changes they’ve made to the new ones 😍 Still my favourite nappy!

Home from work and ready for dream land!

Thanks to my amazing brother @lostboyabdl for picking out my nappy 🥰

Feeling cute tonight. Been a busy week but finally back to little space :dummy_blue: 🍼

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