Apparently bedwetters in the top bunk get double diapers at nighttime?

Still in my bedtime diaper but I woke up dry so that means I don’t need a change yet 😁

I might be big enough to make breakfast but butt pats sure help keep me motivated.

When you stretch in the morning and realize your jammies don’t cover your pamps until it’s too late 😳

All ready for the beach. I’m not forgetting anything, right?

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Upvote money diaper for a lifetime of cheap ABDL supplies.

Is there anything better I could be doing on a Sunday morning than spending it in thick pamps?

@Littleboyrami @diaperedhipster As promised! 😁

1. You’ll need two stuffers (the kind with sticky strips in the middle) and one of your favorite diapees.

2. Fold each stuffer in half length-wise with the sticky strip on the middle of the outside edge

3. Place the sticky part of the stuffer in the diaper on each side where the leg guard meets the padding. This creates a channel for both your bits and when you pee

4. Enjoy having a puffy butt! 😉

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