Hmmm, I may need some help with solving the mystery of why this diaper is so wet....after naptime though.

What is it about wet pampers that pretty much guarantee a quality nap?

Hey guys who find they look better with some scruff than without, how do you reconcile that with being little? Going clean shaven would would help me get into little mode more but I just simply think I look better with facial hair. 🤔

Okay, so remember how I was wondering if I was ready for pull-ups at night? I may have been a bit premature with that one. Looks like its bedtime diapees for the foreseeable future.

Well, what do you know? I woke up dry!

See? I knew I could do it! If I can keep this up, maybe I'll be ready for pull-ups instead of these extra thick bedtime pampers soon?

I call this one: two cups of coffee means one soaked pampers.

I just noticed that I reached 700 followers!

Thanks, everyone! I'm just amazed people actual enjoy my blog.

I made Pikachu diapees! Now I won’t have to worry if I have an accident while Pokémon collecting.

(Inspired by binge watching too many shows which take place in the 80s)

Being a geek in the 80s was tough.

Being a bedwetting geek in the 80s, before Goodnites were invented, was tougher.

Being a bed wetting geek in the 80s, before Goodnites were invented, was toughest when it was decided you need to be taught a lesson and got sent to school in your "potty pants".

If your diaper looks like this at bedtime.....

.....and this in the morning, you belong in diapers.

“Did you pack extra diapers for preschool?”


“How’s your diaper doing right now?”


“Come on, silly boy. Let’s get that wet diaper changed”

It’s hard to fight against naptime when I feel this comfy.

There’s nothing like waking up from a nap when you’re totally soaked to remind you that you belong in Pampers.

Is it just me, or are the forums on Diaper Bois the diaper pail of the ABDL world?

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