Yo, Crinkle-butts! What's your favorite way to have your diapee checked?

And here I thought I was calling my diapers "diapees" was passé; but apparently 40% of you crinkle-butts out there feel the same way 🙈

We all have a special word for diapers that hits us right in the feels. What’s yours?

That blast from the past feeling when you find some old “bedtime pants” in your closet.

Sometimes it’s easier to just put a fresh diaper on over your bedtime diaper rather than change, ya know?

Left: January 2019

Right: January 2020

One year can make a huge difference. While it doesn’t look like I’ll be ready for underwear anytime soon, my diapers do fit better now.

I woke up to a bit of a surprise this morning. No, it’s not the absolutely soaked diapee I’m wearing but just above it, is that what could possibly be abs starting to show? Wow!

If you’ve DM’d me and I didn’t respond....it’s because I didn’t get a notification for it. Sorry! 😅

Sometimes lil guys get a bit embarrassed when they need really need a diapee change.

I don’t wear onesies all that often so I forgot about how well they hide severe cases of diap droop.

It's always a good idea to be diapered if you're staying somewhere nice and you need to make sure the bed stays dry.

It’s a good thing I was wearing a diaper to bed last night. The dinos on my diapee kept the dinos on my romper dry!

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