Just a big kid hanging out with a lollipop. Nothing to see here at all.

Nothing to see here at all. Just a big kid about to enjoy his morning without taking off his bedtime diaper first.

See? If I was a baby, there wouldn’t be any paws left on my diaper 😝

I’m not crawling, that’s for babies. What I am doing is absolutely showing off how cute my butt looks in pamps.

It’s a pamps and pajamas morning. Who else is spending their day like this?

Yo, who else thinks a good diaper means not being able to close your legs?

ABU preschools: for big boys who still need a little help staying dry during the day.

It took longer than I thought but here’s my final submission for the Day #6: Shortalls and onesie.

Day #5 Shorts, shirt and diaper are perfect for playtime and bedtime.

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