Good morning! My teddy made sure I didn't leak through the night. Or was it the diaper? 🤔

Cheap material

I genuinely hate body grooming. Gotta be done often and takes time. But I do like the result!

@james I'm having some issues with browser login on the site. Is this a new thing you're not aware of?

Woke up with heavy rain and wind. Looks like i'm not going outside to play today, so I am taking an early start of autumn: Hot cocoa, blankie and movies!

Being a big boy means choosing your own outfit. But should today be a batman day or dinosaur day? 🤔

going out shopping! I fear I may have to leave the paci at home :(

Was a good thing i decided to wear neutral onesie as an extra layer for work. My hoodie keeps crawling up to expose my lower back 😳

Ironically, managed to catch a cold in August. Luckily i know how to treat myself when I'm sick :baby_dummy: is a community-led microblogging platform. We’re part of a decentralised federated social network, based on the open-source Mastodon project. is hosted on our own servers and supported by our patrons – we don’t sell your personal data or have ads.