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Soooo I went out and hung out wif my daddy/’tist friend for the first time yesterday. We went to the Disney store and I got to meet Pua and take him home! Daddy wanted to take a picture wif him and it was really tough cuz I couldn’t stop wiggling around, but we managed to get one or two x3

For those of you on the edge or a little too scared to get out there and meet other ABDLs and stuff, take the plunge. It’s so flippin’ worth it.

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Good morning! Thank you for staying at the Pamper Packer Inn. If you need a complimentary bottle or diaper change, please feel free to stop by reception on your way out ^.^

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My thoughts while going outside to take out a couple bags of trash without wearing a hoodie for the first time: It’s just a t-shirt, it’s just a t-shirt, it’s just a t-shirt…~

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What’s better than getting to have playtime wif one of your favorite plushies? Getting to have some squishy, stinky playtime wif one of your favorite plushies ^.^

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Hefting and rubbing droopy diapers = ❤️💙💛

Of course once they wake up and get into fresh clothes for the day, if not a fresh diaper, the first thing they wanna do is PLAY! :3

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Even sleepy little bedwetters have to get themselves ready in the morning sometimes. Thank goodness for babas and bears!

When bears wanna play Easter bunny. Good morning and happy Easter all ^.^

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If that was the price he paid for having a bit of joy in his life when everything else was gray, he was happy to pay it.

"Good," he mumbled.

He felt his partner nod, the pats and bounces to his diaper-bottom resuming as he fell into a cozy slumber and daddy replied, "Good."

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through the warm and sodden garment.

"I don't wanna stop wearing diapers though," he mumbled sleepily.

"Oh thank god," daddy said after a burst of laughter that got James giggling along with him, "I've seen those looks of surprise when I check you and find a soaked pamper. I think you might actually need them now."

Still giggling a bit, James snuggled in deeper to daddy's arms. Maybe he did need them.

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If you don't feel like being little, or even not being padded, just tell me. Okay?"

James lowered his eyes, nodding thoughtfully and resting his cheek on daddy's chest. "Okay, I'll try. It's kinda hard for me to know sometimes, but I'll try."

"That's all I can ask for, sweetheart."

They spent the next minutes relaxing into the cozy embrace. James nearly fell asleep as one of daddy's hands cupped his crinkly bottom, gently patting and bouncing his rear

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Finally, after several seconds of silence, daddy replied. "Listen James, it's not your fault. Even if this was something you could control, which it very much isn't, I would still be okay with you taking time to be big. I love you, mister, whether you're being my lil mischief-maker who needs his messy diapers changed or my strong, handsome husband who holds me and helps me sleep at night. I'm here for YOU, love, not the baby we like to pretend that you are.

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"I'm sorry."

"For what, baby?"

James hesitated, trying to place his words with care. "For not being myself lately. I know I'm usually silly and little and drawing you pictures and stuff."

The diapered adult snuggled deeper into his partner's embrace, trying to hide his feelings of shame towards himself in daddy's arms. Feeling those arms tighten around him a bit, he looked up to find his lover staring back down at him with eyes full of some emotion. Sympathy? Pity?

Personally PAW Patrol is probably my go-to. Rocky > all btw.

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Here's something for everyone: What's your favorite show to watch while in baby/little headspace?

I really need to be better about proofreading my posts x.x

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Caleb fussed as the bib was tied around his neck.

"I'm thirty years old, I don't need a bib!"

Daddy sighed and rolled his eyes. "Just like you don't need diapers, right? Or how about that binky hanging off your jammies?"

"Th-that's different. Those are nice..."

"And bibs are nice too. Look at the cute bunnies! Besides, they save me from having to clean up after your messy eating. Get used to 'em. Now take your paci and hush while daddy goes to get lunch ready."

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A sleepy baby boy waking up in yet another soaked diaper. No worries though! A quick change into some fresh pampers and a soft, comfy onesie and he'll be aaalll ready for a night of work ^.^

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That awkward school photo feeling when daddy says he needs to get a picture of you in your new sleeper x///x

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