There is nothing better than to wake up on a Sunday and not having to get out of bed because you need to go potty.

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For anyone in Germany who is interested, these are the new Duchesse Med Slips you can get at Müller. The sizing is a bit larger than the Tena Maxi in M. They are really soft, comfortable and hold quite a lot. Overall not bad for a store brand diaper.

I need to get new Tena Maxis for more discreet wearing when out and about...

I went right to bed and didn't want to change my diaper. But it's so full that I had to put on plastic pants to not leak. I don't like sleeping in plastic pants though.

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Since I haven't posted this picture yet, I'm definitely going to try my luck with it in the @diaperheroes photo contest!

@diaperheroes Only one week left 🏁 Is the number of favourites what counts by the way?

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"I promise I can get myself changed and ready!" 😩

"Uh huh, just like you said you would clean up your room? 🤨I don't think so, little man." 😉

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