Why did I drink 3 nights straight? I feel like ass today. 😂

Holy heck, I actually met another ABDL while I was gaming today on VRChat. Talk about friggin rare. 😅

Me being the avid gamer streamer type, I on the low like being dipped up because bathroom breaks mad dumb and I always drinking them adult beverages but gawwwd I swear one of these days I'm going to have my shirt lifted up by accident and EXPOSE my little side. 😅

The need to be cared for right now is so heckin strong, all this adulting stuff got me stressing. 😩

Almost through with work season, September plz hurry up and get here. I've practically haven't been home in like 3 weeks due to work. 😂😬🙃

Humm, been thinking about getting a bit of a closer shave and toning back on my beard... not 100% sure yet. 🤔🤔🤔

I'm having literal diaper withdrawals. 😂 Friggin heck I need to get back home.

Ugh, my ABDL side of me is really tugging at me to cater to its needs but I can't do it at the moment being 100+ miles away from home due to work. This sucks arse. 😂💀 

I am on a 2000's emo music binge at the moment. Sure brings me back to middle school.

14 hour work day got this bb boi heckin tired. 😴

It is only 1am and I'm tired, this mad heckin dumb!

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