Can't believe it's only a few more hours until club luier!! 🤩🤩 Countdown has now commenced 😁

“Nothing beats the feeling of being padded after getting rid off the all the body hair, like a real baby boy!”🧴💨 :diaper:

“What do you babies think about the Fabine Teddy diapers?” :blobaww: 🧸

My three step plan, first you need a thick diaper and onesie, the. Some nice warm pajama pants, and then your cutest softest shirt you have ^_^

😮 Has your baby boy outgrown his changing table? Luckily this Swedish furniture store has a "skötbord" just for him. *some adult supervised assembly required. 🛠️ 🍼

“Being a little and having a “vanilla” relationship is just something really difficult to deal with.. but in the end, waking up like this knowing your boyfriend tucked in your stuffies while you’re asleep is something really special..” 👼🏻🧸

More video games ☺️ Feeling cute might delete later. 🙈🧐

It’s super hard getting out of bed after waking up like this.

Whats the best way to wake up? With your non ABDL partner surprisingly you by wearing a goodnight. That was a fun memory.


Nice Fresh I can head off on more adventures.

and finally the lights🕯️ and the tinsel✨
I wish you all Merry Christmas🌲 and many gifts🎁🎁🎁🎁

und zum schluss noch die Lichter 🕯und das Lametta✨
ich wünsche euch allen frohe weihnachten🎄 und viele geschenke🎁🎁🎁🎁

Since it’s finally Christmas and I’m too afraid to wear diapers at home during the holidays, you’ll have to see more old pics of me and big bro @Vikingdrengen 😍

I see big boys doing this all the time, so @Vikingdrengen and I had to as well!

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