Pup has a custom hood now :3
Haven't been posting on here much but been super busy with works x.x

If anyone is interested we're gonna be looking for some some new little/pup flatmates in the next 3-5 Months up in Scotland ^-^

Padding (nsfw abdl) 

My custom onesie came todayyyy
I love it soooo much

@BabyGizz made my tykables wet x_x
He's a bad kittyyy, should pee in his own paddings 😋 😜

Padding (nsfw abdl) 

Me atm :3
Watching Series of Unfortunate Events with @littlealex706 😋
:nappy_wet: :dummy:

Padding (nsfw abdl) 

Puppy is in crinklz and new mickey pyjamas :3
:nappy_wet: :dummy:

chastity cage 

Someone convince me to buy this?
I keep looking at it but I can't convince myself to spend $300 on a cage 😋

It's soooo cute but it just feels like a lot on just a cage x_x

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chastity cage 

@littlealex706 had to show me thissss
Now I want one 😟
Just gotta save $300 x_x 😋

Padding (nsfw abdl) 

First time trying Crinklz Aquanauts :3
They're so cute ^-^

*happy pup* 😋
Got a new paw print onesie & 3 packs of padding today :3

Might do some pics later tonight ^_^ :nappy_wet:

Padding (nsfw abdl) 

More pics of pup in Little Rascals :3
Need to get some other padding soon 😋

Finally starting to get my dash how I want it :3
It's taken a lot of playing around but really liking how it looks now ^-^

Trying to go for a slight Tumblr feel almost. 😋

nsfw abdl 

Puppy in soggy Rascals padding and my new pyjamas 😋
:nappy_wet: :dummy:

I think @BabyGizz might be part duck 😋
He wadddled all the way to the shops and back :3
:nappy_wet: :nappy_wet: :nappy_wet:

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