So I have an issue .... I still feel suicidal periodically and like walking along cliffs cuz they are pritty... Don't trust myself not to just go off one if I do go for a cliff walk...

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Don’t tease me, bro! D:
@Cheeta ( can be such a meanie to their little brother sometimes! (But not really~ I actually have the bestest big brobro in the whole wide world ❤️)

So ... Update... Still home still can't talk properly. Went to the out of hours emergency gp last night, by the afternoon each day since dischatge I have been getting suicidal. Been give an increase on the diazapan to try and keep control. I'm still exhausted still finding it really hard to filter inputs particularly noise... Gp is going to try and get a review of meds underway. Still blame myself for mummy's dad dying and basically everything that goes wrong around me.

Sorry I'm a mess...

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I got a commission from of me and my brobro @Cheeta having special brother time at DisneyWorld~ You should go check Lucas out, because he draws unbelievably cute stuff ^^

so im home now. still cant talk.... sometimes manage a word but no more than that without huge effort.
still feel crap, still basically living on huge anxiety attack....

Still in the ward... Really want to go home. But I don't know if I trust myself on my own... suicide is often in my thoughts, self harm is pretty much constantly in my thoughts. I'm tired and not sleeping well still... Never really have I guess. Mummy's dad died on Wednesday morning, my brain is adement that I caused it. Has been since he first came into hospital... Sorry

So I'm back on. The ward. Couldn't cope at all. Sorr

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Which is cuter for a little one to be wearing? Boost for printed diapers or favorite for all white diapers.

Home as of yesterday still officialy admitted to the ward and on leave...
Nice to be home but apprehensive as to how I will cope on my own in the mornings... Home treatment are visiting once a day and I have a review back on the ward on Monday.... We shall see... I'm kinda on edge all the time still

So... Monday.... Got admitted to a mental health ward... Sorry. Finding this really hard....sorry

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ABDL dilemmas #3 looking in the mirror and being surprised to see a bloke looking back when you still expect to see your little self.

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