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Daddy/Hubby just surprised me with this commission of him and me :D. I love it!!!! did a awsome cute job of it!

What to do on Easter Saturday in lockdown... Re case your server as you have been meaning to do and had all the bits to do for like 4 months...

Mummy has a new car, BMW Z3, she took me for a spin yesterday after work... Tis lovely... Buts brain kept saying I should just jump out when we were going fast...

Update time

Sorry I've not done this for ages. Been back in work since Easter, that's basically taking all my energy. Still trying to get my driving licence back.

Generally things are going ok but still a struggle most days to do much.

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blugh. too tiered.too useless. too stupid. should have just given up at the beginning of the year

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Pup has a custom hood now :3
Haven't been posting on here much but been super busy with works x.x

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Just bought the cutest double bedspread. Can’t wait until they arrive 😁 ...not sure what the bf is gonna think though 🤷‍♂️

Been a while, sorry ... I'm still off work... But getting there I guess. This has been a distinctly crap way to start a year.

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Don't mind the powder stain by the tail. Even na'vi boys need a change sometimes... :nappy_wet:

So I have an issue .... I still feel suicidal periodically and like walking along cliffs cuz they are pritty... Don't trust myself not to just go off one if I do go for a cliff walk...

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