Who's into Pokemon and if so what are your top three 🤔

@LILJAY Alomomola Suicune and Abomosnow are my fav what about you

@LILJAY I have a minor pokemon habit (I will whole heartedly admit I am no where near a die hard fan) but golly gosh do I love Torterra, Trevenant and Decidueye. Grass and Ghosts!

@LILJAY stantler, decidueye, and Machamp (Im a convert thanks to Pokkén tournament) good to see you post again

I love pokemon, mine are Lucario, Arcanine and Machamp

@LILJAY sableye skarmory and the spaceworld gold bell kitty

@LILJAY bayleef, marshadow, and Rowlett :3 what's yours?

@LILJAY the top three Pokemon are Charmander Squirtle Bulbasaur

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