Im in suffolk near Cambridge for a few days if anyone's down to earth and up to meet me and my partner, just gimme a pokey poke!

Anyone going to the abdl party in south Hampton? Im in england around that time so would be great to see some abdl peeps from here there 😀

@lowstar I got my littles rawrs on for the first time now! not had it long enough to say what i think yet... still dry... i think.. the bottle is super cute too, whatscha drinking anyway? whats blue taste like?

I really need to find a daddy, just someone who loves the little me and can hold me tight and make me feel safe

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Seeing all the gamers on here I think we should sort out some kinda official discord group or something so we can arrange playing games together! Not just for PC but for Switch and other stuff too!

Would be alot of fun playing with fellow soggy bums

@SFCalBaby i got that shirt tooooo, its awesome :D got it from a different site tho that sells in europe

my partner may not be a little but he makes a cute toddler 😀 ❤️

@notdrawingattention i got that shirt too! i love it so much i avoid wearing it cuz i dont want it to get messed up xD

@abenjaminbutton You still needa get your lil fluffy bum over in this part of germany and come visit when you got the time. Also, Telegram? Whatsapp? :3

@Binobandido where abouts in the big wide world you from anyhoo? Im in Bavaria 😀

Found out I can't go to the Amsterdam party.. my boyfriend is on call for work that weekend 😞 pretty upset...

Back home after a week of being in the UK doing stuff n things :3

@diaperheroes anychance you could bring me one of those fox onsies with you to Amsterdam at the party and i give you the €€€ is person? Would like a short armed one if possible :3

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Anyone interested in an Minecraft server?

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