I don’t know why my diaper is wet, Dada. Please let me change change.

Seeing as dinos are all the vogue these days. I thought drawing them would gain some attention.

Also we can upload multiple photos at once now? Since when?

So wet and messy ☺️ I absolutely love Peekaboos! They hold so much but I still think this little guy is ready for a change

For Tumblr Throwback Thursday, I'm going back to the last time I housesat for my parents.

I didn't have access to my nappies all week so I had to do what I did between the ages of about 9 and 17 and wrapped a towel round me (I couldn’t even get hold of pins back then), letting my imagination take me the rest of the way. So nostalgic!

Tormenting my locked dick in my cute pink chastity cage. Might be enjoying it a little too much!

Boy getting ready for beddy byes Show more

Anyone willing to change this "big boy's" diaper? 😕👶:diaper_wet: :diaper_wet: :dummy:

Spent all day in my diaper and onesie. Think it is so full it might soon leak!

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