Uh oh...those pants aren't the only thing that's busted!

Thank you for all the support you guys have given me with my patreon throughout the last couple of months!
Get more of this padded boi on my new patreon set, that link is in my bio!
Hope to see you there *crinkle crinkle*

‪Some one left this little boy alone with his birthday cake after he blew the candle out ‬


My friends @tsa and @Greywolf_dl made me this awesome 3D printed, colour changing dummy! :dummy_green: 🤗

Found cute socks at shopping mall, 70% off 😃😃😃

You know, I think this is the start of a really good day for our community!

Hope to get to know all of you well soon!

A late-night, diapered conversation on the dock... one of my favorite nights as an ABDL. Pics are online at whyABDL.com/boat.

w/ @Aboimikey @tomtom @sexydiaperjock @NYkidd1990 & LilAdamBoi.

Nothing to see here 😅.
Just Big boy undies here 😳.
No I’m not wet 🙈

🐰🐰🐰 Question of the day 🐰🐰🐰
How do you care for your big?

If you have someone in your life that’s a caretaker to you too- give them a hug today and let them know that they're important to you

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