A little should be kept warm and without any possibility of escaping his diaper :)
Five layers of clothes at work today.

@LittleStoner @Kiddyscord then I assume you haven't seen this outfit of today 🙈

@landro @Kiddyscord True, but is cause the overall, the stripes, the sharks 🦈, and the shade of blue are just perfect. Im just a hippie at heart I guess 😆

@landro @Kiddyscord And it looks so comfy and practical. Is the type of outfit you can wear ABU space with a booster, and just go out without care in the world. I kinda got carried away.

@LittleStoner @landro thanks :)
Stripes+overall is my favorite.
especially the hood which pops out the pullover.

@LittleStoner @landro
You can wear anything under, it's totally safe. Not really into abu since I discovered Tikables, but a puppers+2 white max booster fits easy :D

@Kiddyscord @landro Nice, thats the dream, might have to get one for when I get to go to the club again. Usually I wont drink, but if I'm that protected, uma go have fun lol

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