When in deep littlespace, I'm thinking about letting drift my inner little out.
Questions like "how much will vanilla people be surprised to see me in such outfit?"
Or if I sleep at someone's home "how will they react if I tell them I have to wear diapers at night"
For my parents and a close friend, everything's okay as expected. For the other I have no doubts it will be okay too, but I'm just worried if maybe they see me different after xD
Let the future decide if I told people or not ^^

Nota on this old toot, some vanilla strangers, my uncle and his friends who were sleeping at my chalet during a cyclist weekend, saw me in a morning in just a diaper, a little rawr, hugging one of my plushies. I was sleeping with them in a dormitory and my blanket decided to live its own life outside the bed while I was wleeping.

No comments were made, that doesn't mean everyone will act the same way, but well, it's kind of awkward ^^

Finally, the funniest moment of this weekend was when a little boy (a child of my uncle's friends), something like 8yo, told me he absolutly loved my bed and plushies.
Best compliment ever :3

2nd update of this old toot, I have decided that, when sleeping in any house, everyone I know enough will be informed that I wear diapers. The other I don't care x)

Now I'm beyond skinny. (check the old toot from this one)
Despite the look, I didn't strech the diaper to have tapes so close. I just happen to eat a bit after. (in fact I think I could have almost pjt one tape on the other if I tried)
And yes, same diaper, same size M.

@Kiddyscord Good they didn’t make any comments, but I understand it was an awkward situation. Hopefully they will keep it for themselves and will not ask your parents for example.

They could, I won't mind it as my parents already know ^^

@Kiddyscord didn't do nothing for weeks in a row because if your back. All the muscles are gone, and if you're not a big eater, that's what you get 🤷‍♂️.

Go back to doing some activities (workies, walking, cycling, swimming), and that will sort itself out, back to how you were before the ka-boom, in a couple of months 👌

You look so cute and comfy. As for telling people, in my case, not very many people know about my diapers. For those who do know, I've always explained it in terms of not being able to hold my pee for very long after a bad UTI many years ago and now because of prostate problems. The family members and friends who know accept that, no problem, but I've never really been able to tell anyone I also wear because I really like them. 😶🚼

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