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When in deep littlespace, I'm thinking about letting drift my inner little out.
Questions like "how much will vanilla people be surprised to see me in such outfit?"
Or if I sleep at someone's home "how will they react if I tell them I have to wear diapers at night"
For my parents and a close friend, everything's okay as expected. For the other I have no doubts it will be okay too, but I'm just worried if maybe they see me different after xD
Let the future decide if I told people or not ^^

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I surprised myself. Four days in a row with diapers day and nights. It's going to be a 24/7 week.
2 potty breaks at home the morning and evening when changing my diaper.

In case some doubt I'm wearing or even wetting at work, here's a proof. It was like, 3pm ^^

A happy little boy in his new pajamas :D
Love this onepiece from Petit Bateau, sooo comfy.

A little should be kept warm and without any possibility of escaping his diaper :)
Five layers of clothes at work today.

Loaded test: pass.
The diaper did not exploded and isn't actually cold.

4 liters warm water loaded diaper for the night. Just a bit of fun.
Trust me, it's heavy. I sit on a squishy feeling with legs clearly opened.

Wake up little boy
It seems you slept well, your diaper's still dry.
Come downstairs, breakfast is waiting, and your bottle won't drink by itself.

It's 10pm, I'm still a bit sick, but hungry. My fridge is empty. I'm in diaper and pj's. The only way to have something to eat is to go to the nearest fast food's drive.
Well, the challenge would be to take no coat, but it's kinda cold outside.

Being sick is an opportunity to stay padded all day. Probably wearing a diaper when going to the doctor, alongside with an onesie & dungaree I think.

Somehow, it was inevitable that this little brony turns into a pink pony one day.
No sissy here, just a bit of fun for a picture ^^. Neither flutter, nor shy I would add :P

So, am I a good boy or not ? I did spent the day padded ! No one told me I had to stay dry :P

Forgot to post this one yesterday x)

2nd update of this old toot, I have decided that, when sleeping in any house, everyone I know enough will be informed that I wear diapers. The other I don't care x)

I swear, I'm a big boy ! But it's so comfy ! And I love dinosaurs ! And blue !

After a padded thursday, today's blue. I'm blue, dabadee, dabadi 🎶
And yes, I'm working :P

Being in's outer space for a while, but still a liitle boy :P

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