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When in deep littlespace, I'm thinking about letting drift my inner little out.
Questions like "how much will vanilla people be surprised to see me in such outfit?"
Or if I sleep at someone's home "how will they react if I tell them I have to wear diapers at night"
For my parents and a close friend, everything's okay as expected. For the other I have no doubts it will be okay too, but I'm just worried if maybe they see me different after xD
Let the future decide if I told people or not ^^

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Bad mood tonight, don't read if you want to read complains.

Look, it's midnight, I'm just in PJ'shirts and diaper, surrounded by plushies, thinking about my life habits for the past weeks. I haven't do anything despite the fact I am in a chalet. Like mowning the lawn or Diy projects in progress. Here I am, playing on my computer.
I felt the urge to be told what to do but also to make my own choices. I'm standing in betweens, doin' nothin'
And I still can't sleep...

Have a good night ! :)

Fresh air after going out for groceries, and before the shower.

It's 8Β°c outside, didn't last long in just my diaper :3

Oh gosh, finally !
This restock needed a second order to came in my house. The first one is still somewhere at the wrong adress (you know, when you move quickly in the coziest place before the shelter and the shipping company is shit to change the address).
So know, let's try those puppers. Little rawrs are amazing so I think I'm not gonna be disappointed.

I don't care if something's crinkling. Couldn't you just let me sleep ? What do you mean there's something peeking ? Yeah okay I wear diapers, yes they are cute, but no big deal right. I just love pacies and plushies too remember :P

So I'm not at home but in my chalet annnndddd there's this diapers order shipping at my home. Do you know it's impossible to change a shipping adress once it's shipped ? I hope I'll be able to have my hands on these diapers soon.

I... May... Have been caught. And politely asked to wear a diaper today, cause, y'know, toilets aren't clean enought at work these days.

Naaah, I don't wear a diaper. And I don't need any kind of check. I don't understand what you're talking about πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

Don't worry, those sharks are nice :)

Nota: these pajamas have a perfect fit. They can't hide the diaper, but not too tight.

I surprised myself. Four days in a row with diapers day and nights. It's going to be a 24/7 week.
2 potty breaks at home the morning and evening when changing my diaper.

In case some doubt I'm wearing or even wetting at work, here's a proof. It was like, 3pm ^^

A happy little boy in his new pajamas :D
Love this onepiece from Petit Bateau, sooo comfy.

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