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When in deep littlespace, I'm thinking about letting drift my inner little out.
Questions like "how much will vanilla people be surprised to see me in such outfit?"
Or if I sleep at someone's home "how will they react if I tell them I have to wear diapers at night"
For my parents and a close friend, everything's okay as expected. For the other I have no doubts it will be okay too, but I'm just worried if maybe they see me different after xD
Let the future decide if I told people or not ^^

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These Alphagatorz are adorable, cute and comfy but too expensive. Not buying again
They are quite thin but hold well, they become really squishy when wet, like a Pampers. The design is freaking awesome and cloth backed is nice in summer, but 100€ for 2packs+shipping is too much. For the same price I would have got 5packs of Kiddo's little sailors from @diaper-minister
Anyway, I will make them last long, I won't buy anymore "extra premium diapers" at this price anytime soon...

May have found someone:
Not abdl related, but specialized in gigoteuse/turbulette.
Worth asking this week :)
If you know other boutique, let me know !

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Does someone knows where I could find someone in Europe to make such sleeping bags ? I may be interested in many variants of this one (let's say for winter, summer, etc...)

So I did took the habit to put a diaper after an evening session at the swimming pool. Outfit seems to tend to onesie+shorts after, looking forward to my new ones from onesiedownunder this week :)

Today, after my swimming session, I decided to go full little mode.
In the changing room, instead of wearing again my work clothes I had, I put on a drynite, my Dory onesie, some shorts, along with Stitch socks and my peekabu Cap.
After leaving the cabin, I put my shoes at the enter of the changing room, with a lot of people all around. I also had to leave the place and go to my car.
I did stop at the grocery store for some shopping (with a lot of people too) , and then go home :)

Now that I have moved, I have access to my favorite public swimming pool. Outdoor pool, water at 28°C, not so many people and a 50m line to swim ! Bonus point, the season pass' cost is ridiculous.

But littles be warned, you can't swim with a onepiece swimsuit like the one I have like wearing in lakes, so better put sunscreen. Or face the red skin.
I did not suffer much, but it's not confortable !

New diaper wall !
Thanks @diaper-minister for the quick shipping , as usual !

Too much snow is a grown-up thing.

Alas, some have to drive, and others are blocking while either being unskilled, unattentionned or unlucky.

That's one big bed I stumble upon the other day. No banana for scale I'm sorry, but it's huge !

I don't have any problems. Not at all. That's just half the pacifiers I own.
I really buy too much stuff.

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