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When in deep littlespace, I'm thinking about letting drift my inner little out.
Questions like "how much will vanilla people be surprised to see me in such outfit?"
Or if I sleep at someone's home "how will they react if I tell them I have to wear diapers at night"
For my parents and a close friend, everything's okay as expected. For the other I have no doubts it will be okay too, but I'm just worried if maybe they see me different after xD
Let the future decide if I told people or not ^^

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Ready for the beach x) No amount of water gonna scare me !

Well protected for work this afternoon :D

So, a video of me in this diaper while repairing my swingrope ? Reblog to see that happening :D

Kiddo Little Sailor ordered this morning :D

Now let's do some teasing.

I have a swingrope. And new diapers soon.
Do you want a small photoshoot of me with the swingrope ?

More of that ? Do you want first a video of me replacing the broken rope of my swingrope ?

To see those, you need to reblog this post :P

(I sense a naughty kid who always wanted to say something like that xD)

It's in those 1:13am moments I wish I had a girlfriend who would have space me out and called bedtime at least 2 hours ago x)

First time in a one piece swimsuit at the beach, on a lake :D
Did not took picture out there cause I left my phone far from the beach x)

Good morning !
I have been wake up by my plushies for a diaper check. Like they'll be surprised of the result xD

Funny story of the day.

At 3pm, water in my block wasn't proper to drink. Phoned the water company at 5pm, they took a technician to inspect everything around.
It appears there was indeed a problem, and the technician needed to confirm it was impacting my flat. I let him enter, without realizing the diaper wall in the corridor following my purchases last week... No comments were made, but no one could miss that xD I don't mention the changing mat, it is discreet compared to the wall x)

When the delivery woman phone just as you wake up because she's downstairs waiting with a package, I didn't think much, put my pyjama's short, and did go outside in this outfit.
And I helped her searching the package in the truck because it wasn't really accessible at first.
Anyway, I now have a problem with a wall full of diapers: I can't access my changing mat anymore xD

I got to get to the dinosaurs' pet shop !
I was looking for some furniture, aka a desk, and I came accross the dino's pet section (and some other things too xD) There was a lot of them ! I couldn't adopt them all, but two of them came back with me ! Meet Bumpy and his friend who doesn't have a name yet, he need to stop bitting everything he see, including my phone :P
No need to say they protect well my nest,no one except me here. The lower bed is still accesible to other :P

Long time no see !
Who's a good boy ? :P
I may be wet, but that does't make me a bad puppy :3

A huge big up to @diaperheroes & @diaperminister.
Order placed at 9h29,packed at 9h32,shipped just after and received the next morning.
You can't do better, you're amazing !

The only thing missing would be tykables :)

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