Any fellows little motorbikers here?
I'm having a safety question here, wearing a diaper while riding, in case of an accident, despite my equipment? Like having some diaper's melted on your skin.
Real question here, any thoughts?

Being sick (like very too much) for almost a week :(
A little Wolf could use some help to change his diaper :)

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I didn't mean to have so many undies. But, hummmm, let's say I don't have anymore to be afraid of not doing laundry :P
(total undies: 61 little briefs, and almost the same on standard undies ^^)

So it's Christmas, I'm at my parent's house, and still able to wear diapers, including the breakfast :)

Back to the first time I tried adult diapers.
It was some samples bought @ !

Somehow seems logical: most of my old tumblr posts are flagged. And I understood why: you can't see my head, mostly my diaper ^^

Just a one-time sightly reminder for everyone here: this platform is run by @james , is add-free but cost a lot!
you can help us, the community, keeping this place by becoming a patreon:
With something like 0.5$/€/Β£ per user per month, the website can have a long life :)

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We have made a code change so that all media coming from will show as sensitive for users on other instances.

This won't affect activity within the instance at all; sensitive and CW features will work as normal. But for other instances, any media will be seen as sensitive so that we can make sure we're good citizens of the fediverse. ❀️

Kion is working very hard to keep everything in order with this migration.
He's actually thinking of posting throwback thursday to populate this empty space. What do you think?

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