What I like about being diapered is during the summer, they also double as my pair of shorts. Who needs shorts when I have a nice thick diaper on

I'm glad that the warm months are here because it's that time when my diapers become my shorts as well

Being in diapers is the best thing in the world. Why bother with toilets when I can go in my diaper and get on with life.

Being in diapers always reminds me how I have it better than adults because I can have so much fun in life and never have to worry about pooping or peeing ever again. It also reminded me how I am able to poop and pee at anytime.

What I am so glad and thankful for being diapered is that while so many people fight over toilet paper and bathrooms. I am here in my diaper having the time of my life.

Why is it on ABDL link that this site is dominated by Men and not enough women. It' seems like their is a HUGE Sex and gender BIAS here.

Being AB and Diaper dependent, I always think I have it easier than grown ups because I don't use the potty anymore and I can go on with life without using the potty. Also being AB, I can get away with just a diaper and t-shirt or onesie on.

Being Diaper dependent and diapered 24/7/365 makes me feel like I am not an adult anymore and makes me feel like I am an adult baby. It makes me feel like I can have more fun in life.

Being Diapered makes me feel like I am young and I don't have to worry about using the potty ever again.

Every diaper that I put on is always reminding me how I have it so much better than grown ups and how I am so proud to be diapered. It's why diapers always reminds me why being AB and diaper dependent is the best way to go.

Being put back in diapers has always meant that I don't have an adulthood anymore and instead I have an adult babyhood. What it means to me is that I am no longer allowed to wear adult underwear and I am ONLY allowed to wear diapers. It also means my right to use the bathroom has been revoked from me and I am banned from using the adult bathrooms.

What's great about being diapered is knowing that you never have to use the adult potty ever again.

You know why I don't have any ABDL or even Kink friends? it's because people in the Kink community think I look too young looking for them or that I am not the right type.

if you ask me, as an AB and Diaper dependent, I think diapers should be accepted in society and should be acceptable for anyone to wear. It's why being an AB, I believe that diapers should be acceptable and accepted in society.

Being AB and Diaper dependent is my way of turning my back against Adulthood. Why be an adult when you can be an adult baby and live diapered forever. Diapers are way better than adult underwear and they are SO thick and comfy. It's why I gave up on adulthood and adult underwear. They both suck and I prefer to be in thick padded diapers.

Being AB and diaper dependent is why I can't be trusted with Adult underwear or the adult bathrooms. It's why they put me back in diapers because I can't be trusted with either and I am Never ever allowed to leave diapers.

Being in diapers, always reminds me of how easier my life is and how have so much to do without ever thinking or using the potty.

The Diaper life is the best life in the world.

I tell people, that adulthood is so overrated and so overblown. I'm here in my diaper as an adult baby and living it up cause life is easier when your diapered

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