Being an adult baby, I get to say NO to adulthood because it sucks and it stinks.It's why I am in diapers because I don't like being an adult and I like being in diapers and having fun.

What I love about being an adult baby is that I can have so much fun in life and never have to worry about going to the potty because I am in diapers

Being AB, i hate and despise adult underwear and toilets. They are a trap and disgusting. I would rather be in diapers

Being an Adult baby, I always hated pooping and peeing like an adult. I hated using the gendered bathrooms and it's why I like being in diapers because I don't have to use the bathrooms ever again and I can skip those nasty gendered toilets

The good thing about being AB is being able to go in just a diaper and a T-shirt on. Like today, I went to my doctor with just a diaper and a T-shirt on

The good thing about being in diapers is that the concept of gendered toilets are meaningless to me

If your looking for a Facebook like group that values Privacy. we have an group on Mewe. Here's the link

Question, Anyone know what's a good diaper that I can wear to work that's slim and can last 6 to 12 hours at work.

The one thing I notice as an adult baby is that I don't see bathrooms as a place to poop and pee anymore. Being in diapers, bathrooms to me are just diaper changing stations.

As an adult baby, I always feel safe and secure in diapers than in adult underwear. I know that being an adult baby means that I am always gona be in diapers and I am never gona leave them. It's why being an adult baby means giving up on wearing adult underwear and using the potty ever again. It's why I am happy that I gave up on adult underwear and adult pottying.

Being in diapers, I am so glad that I was able to get on with the day and not have to worry about pooping and peeing. I'm also glad that they let me be young, babied and diapered. They shielded me from the adult potties and the potty monster

Being AB the one thing I find it hard to do is poop in my diaper when I’m not at home. It’s because the clean up is painful when I’m not at home. I wonder how folks deal with diaper clean up when your not at home.

Being AB, diaper dependent and diapered permanently. The adult potties mean nothing to me anymore and being diapered let’s me skip the potties and have a normal life

Being AB, I should have put booster pads in my diaper

You know why I don't have too many ABDL friends on here? it's because unless your cisgender, male or Gay. You get over looked and people won't even talk to you. It's why I think the ABDL community like the Kink community is NOT diverse or inclusive as it claims to be.

Being an AB and diaper dependent, I wish Society had safe places for people like me who need to change their stinky, poopy diaper

What I love about being in diapers is that they act like my own security blanket and safe space from adulthood

Being an adult baby, I learned a serious lesson today. I can't be completely trusted to wear adult underwear and it's why I learned that I truly belong in diapers why I am completely dependent on diapers. I tried to wear adult underwear like the grownups and I found out very fast why I can't wear adult underwear anymore and why I can't be trusted in them. It's why I learned that I am completely diaper dependent and I am NEVER EVER allowed to wear adult underwear ever again.

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