"Hey dude"
- not always gender neutral depending on dialect
- cliche
- boring

"Hey there little one"
- gender neutral
- you get to pick them up
- they might regress into diapers

There’s so much cat hair in my apartment that every time I take my binky out of my mouth, I have to rinse it. It’s like cat hair makes up ten percent of the atmosphere in my apartment. Meet the culprit responsible, her name is Sugar

Daddy says it’s changes time. Rawr! Thank you Crinklz for providing this amazing changing mat at Club Luier the other day 🦖🦕

period, pee, diaper 

Having my period and today is all weird and was so close to pee myself twice.... I just put on some padding.

Daddy’s been teaching me some baby yoga! He says this one’s Down Dog, and this one’s Child’s Pose 🐶👦

they look super cute, but am currently unable to afford them (and 15€ for a sample of 2 is ridiculous)

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standing intolerance, cooking, littleism mention 

can someone help me build one?

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standing intolerance, cooking, littleism mention 

So I was talking about that I need a chair in the kitchen and my current setup is not working too well.

A friend that knows of my little side mentioned that I need a high chair.
Actually, that's exactly what I need: A high chair with wheels! I would sit higher than a usual office chair making me able to reach things easier, it has a workspace right in front of me. and wheels will make me able to slide around the kitchen!

diaper pic, bad fit 

picture of better dry pants, having way too much space in the front for someone with female genitalia.

I'm in Thailand by the way, feel free to follow my main non-bab account

nail polish 

I got all the colors! They cost about a bit less than 1€ each, those 21 colors costed me about 19,20€ and they are really really good.

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