'Fortnite Diaper Royale'

Imagine a game mode where it's just like a normal Battle Royale, but all the avatars have to wear diapers?

Somebody's been watching too much Pirates of the Caribbean. 😂

💦 💦 💦

'Playdate in the Soak Zone'

Monkey and D.T playing with some floor water jets, but it seems they've both forgotten what diapers they're wearing!

'D.T and the Quantonium'

D.T (Diaper Trooper) playing with a sphere of Quantonium from Monsters vs Aliens. Those who have seen that film will know what it does!

How many diaper changes do you think Monkey goes through every day? Keep in mind that A. He has a pretty sensitive bladder and B. He likes to keep them on for as long as possible.

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