Monkey has never been a fan of messing diapers, so he'd always go to the toilet for a #2.

Flooding and soaking 'em are more of his thing, though!

The vintage Pampers Cruisers from 2007-2009 will always remain Monkey's favorite diapers. To him, it's less about the SS characters on 'em and more about the overall design. I miss 'em!

Monkey, I know you love your diapers soggy. But I'm not sure that sitting in a puddle of water and waiting for your pamps to absorb it is how it works? :P

Monkey going for one last swim in the pool before it gets too cold in the year!

(Yes, he's wearing an Abena M4!)

Wearing diapers when you're playing video games can be handy. Nobody likes to pause during something major (such as a boss battle!) just to take a piss.

Nothing is more liberating for an ABDL during the summer than just heading to the woods and hanging out there, while wearing just a nappy!

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