'Show Off'

Monkey sure loves pulling that "How do I look?" attitude in his favourite sodium polyacrylate-infused briefs!

'Dreaming Big'

Monkey probably having so much fun dreaming about becoming big that *something else* is growing underneath those covers!

You have the opportunity to gain one superpower. The only catch is you have to wear diapers 24/7 because it messes with your bladder.

Which superpower would you choose and why?

'Pool Party'

Summer is officially here, so enjoy this piece that I've spent all night on of some dudes chilling with the paddling pool set up!

'Diaper Invaders'

Uh-oh. These critters (who are 100% fluid) just got themselves absorbed! The kiddo promised to stay dry, so how can he explain this in the morning?!

'Soggy Recovery - Remake'

A remake of one of my favourite SFM shots in Blender, where Monkey is simply sitting down in a shower while wearing a diaper. XD

'Padded Bucket Boys'

Happy Star Wars Day, kids! To celebrate, I'd figure I'd do a shot of all the boys I've shown that wear SW helmets!

May the 4th be with you all!

'Gator Love'

The AlphaGatorZ are Kody's favourite. Cute, highly absorbent and comfy, they tick all the boxes on what makes a great diaper!

Kody is ready to rumble! These folks have no idea that they're about to watch a kid kick some serious butt while wearing nothing but an AlphaGatorZ diaper! :diaper:

But I'd watch out, because he's even more feisty when his diaper's flooded! :diaper_wet:

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