'Padded Bucket Boys'

Happy Star Wars Day, kids! To celebrate, I'd figure I'd do a shot of all the boys I've shown that wear SW helmets!

May the 4th be with you all!

'Gator Love'

The AlphaGatorZ are Kody's favourite. Cute, highly absorbent and comfy, they tick all the boxes on what makes a great diaper!

Kody is ready to rumble! These folks have no idea that they're about to watch a kid kick some serious butt while wearing nothing but an AlphaGatorZ diaper! :diaper:

But I'd watch out, because he's even more feisty when his diaper's flooded! :diaper_wet:

@Littlebabyjedi Shirtless variant because I wanted to. Plus it can get pretty hot in that desert, and wearing a dark shirt isn't always a good idea!

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'Flood Escape'

Gotta stay high and dry to win this game. Whoever falls in first is the loser!

Also featuring @Littlebabyjedi cause he's awesome!

A little something for everybody's favourite ABDL/Star Wars nerd, @Littlebabyjedi!

'Fortnite Diaper Royale'

Imagine a game mode where it's just like a normal Battle Royale, but all the avatars have to wear diapers?

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