You are part of or ?

what do you like?

"Sorry kiddo your diaper can hold up again, no change for you... put your clothes on and get off ... our friends have just arrived now!"

I go outside in my garden while walking I think I made a big mess in my diapers ... let's hope someone notices and offers to change me

I Need an online Daddy for this week end, is anyone available ?

I'm a good baby i promise

It's important for everyone to understand this.
People won't understand what you like in ABDL. And some of you may be ashamed of loving it.
BUT remember than, even as a stress reliever or a fetish, you are not hurting anyone with this. Put a diaper on. Relax, no one got hurt. Wet or mess it ? The earth is still turning. See ? It's okay to be like this. If it help you with going straight into your life.
Don't try to change the world. Just create your own world.
(Share so little's see it)

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