@Gsixride there seams to be leaks everywhere it's gonna cost you a lot of money

@Daddybambiboy I'm just happy to be a big ole baby again

@Daddybambiboy it was not so Bad just a Little cut but wanted it to heal up nicely! I'm all good now yay!!!!

@Kiddyscord cute! I'm trying to get back to a smaller weight currently.
It would be wonderful to be able to fit in kids clothes again

@Kiddyscord i see lucky your small like that how small are you?

Got some cuts on my pp so looks like I'm out of diapers ATM. Besides bed time of course 😢 hopefully will heal soon.

@Daddybambiboy looks like your not super soaked though. cute Lil bum!

Bed time for me and my boy. No need to worry. He's got the dinos to guard him and i got a tiger to protect me!

@Gregor i like this idea i am a bed wetter but normally wake up during the wetting so this would be nice!

@Daddybambiboy thanks nice to meet you as well! My boi is always chilling with me 😸

Trying out my new cage today hopefully i put on the right size


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