Just bought a rift! Anyone know if there are ABDL spaces on VRChat?

What are people’s fantasies?

I’d love a small holiday with a motherly type and a big sister. An excuse to be babied and teased by a middle who likes to show off her panties.

I’ve also thought cross dressing and a ‘losing virginity’ scenario would be fun (as well as accurate in my backside’s case).

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Anyone know any events in Lancashire? Munches and the like.

Ahh grumble grumble! Stupid nappy rash. 😖

What's everyone up too? I'm on pizza and red red wine~

woo hoo! Holiday time!

Now I need to go win a teddy at the arcade!

So I was thinking, how would a really cheap, gas station quality nappy work for furries? Tails don't lend themselves well to containing a mess.

This is what I came up with, it's based on some types of European nappies from the 70s(?)

Anyone excited for the announcement on the ABU website in an hour?


Time Travel


Sippy cup

Give me 3 non ABDL keywords for me to turn in to an ABDL short story, funniest or most interesting one wins.

Anyone ever tried blending grown up food in to baby food? I should get a blender...

Looking forward to 4 days holiday at a caravan park. Just me, my laptop and a lot of wine. :p

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