Pm me if you want to place an order! Supplies just arrived!

Ta Da! Final product! Can be adjusted to suit your body. Also going to work on a double horizontal strap version for those who like a snugger fit.

New thread! It’s terrifyingly strong and almost invisible. I am in love with it! ❤️

And that's 40M of webbing on order. :X

The final product version of the reins will be up for the weekend assuming it all comes on time. I'm thinking first 5 orders across the websites I'm on I'll price at £29.99. Need to make back the money I spent on a new sewing machine. 😅

Well the sewing machine doesn’t work but while I wait for a replacement I decided to hand stitch my prototype

Webbing, sliders and clip are here! Sadly my loops and sewing machine are not!

Should be ready to start tomorrow!

The webbing and buckles are in the post! Should hopefully have a finished product by Monday!

An ABDL project I'm thinking of working on! I'm just costing it up, might be able to produce these for around £30-35 depending on how quick I get with a sewing machine.

Might draw up some plans for a crib that uses an adult single mattress.

Well, we like 2 tape nappies, but we like 4 tape nappies too... Which is better? Well there's only one way to know... FIGHT!

Does anyone around here collect baby nappies or pull-ups? I'm having another go at making some custom content for the sims 4 and some references would be awesome to work with. I'd need a photo of them laid out flat and stretched out. As close to 2D as you can get with them basically. Makes the photoshop work easier.

Just murdered 2 gigantic moths, what the hell are these things eating?!?

Scared to go to bed in case their mates show up for revenge. 😂

So I need to raise £30 to get my cooker fixed. Was thinking of doing a raffle. Are we allowed to do those?

Basic idea is for tickets to be £2 each and I’d live stream the draw. I’d need to sell about 25-30 tickets to be able to fix the cooker and buy the winner their prize (Probably a bag of Nappies)

Okay, so I'm trying to decide what stuff I want to buy, boiled it down to 2 options.

1) A replica of my primary school uniform. A jumper, polo shirt and some trousers (the kind with a zipper and little catch instead of buttons)

2) A bib, cloth nappy and some terry towels to use as inserts.

Ta da! Not bad to say it’s a ratty old shirt and I was running out of ink

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