I'm hosting a raffle! Proceeds will be going towards paying off bills and maybe fixing my printer.

They're not the sturdiest of shoes, so please make sure to play gently with them if you do win. I'd go as far as to suggest soft indoor play only. The soles are made of foam.

I should add. They’re not the sturdiest of shoes. So soft indoor play only if you don’t want to rip the foam soles up.

A note to all Mother’s on here.

For a cute way to remind your baby of their place, make them say “Thanks for the dry bum, Mum” after every nappy change.

The question we all ask ourselves.

Anyone fancy helping a pupper out And getting some cool stuff in exchange?

I'm opening up for commissions for short stories (Minimum, 3K for £6 5K for £10)

Or you can also feature on your own diaper box ! Again, £5 if you have a picture that you own to use as your stand in, or £10 if you want me to use an IRL photograph an go for a less cartoony look (They usually need a bit of work in photoshop to evenly light, etc)
These can be an original design, or one that is based off an IRL example.

Bibs are very useful for cleaning glasses. :3

So this has arrived but it’s missing parts. Going to cost me £100 to see if it even works....

Would Potty Training Licence, Gay Cards and other ID badge assorted novelties interest you folks?

Was thinking £5 a card because the printers are disgustingly expensive.

Anyone ever made a blanket out of diapers?

Looking at some pampers baby dry size 8. They're really not much thicker than a pair of underpants / knickers. O.o

Episode 7...

Pocket got a lot of training, on low level pokemon. It took a while.

Had 3 cans of cider and now I’m waiting for an accident. I really need a wee!

Episode 6

After waking up, Hunter went to route 110 and caught a Nidoran F. He decided to name her Princess because she's fabulous.

While training Princess was eaten by a snake... One day Hunter might learn to be wary of critical hits...

Took part in the battle tent challenge... Won a full heal!

Upon exiting, a surprise awaited. A healthy, happy Zigzagoon was waiting for Hunter.

Pocket had survived death!

Episode 5

After beating Brawly, Hunter mourned the loss of Dagger and set sail for Slateport. With just Nandos at his side, things could only improve...

They beat up a bunch of people for free soda...

Went shopping, got a free sooth bell and did an interview.

The Hunter had to save and go to bed.

In Episode 4, Everyone except Hunter, Nandos and Dagger stayed with Pocket at the Critical Care.

As they were exiting town, a familiar face on the Horizon. It was May.
Hunter and his pokemon kicked her butt.

Made land in dewford after training with Dagger.

Dagger got a bit too excited and savaged a zubat in Granite cave. Thankfully didn't catch coronovirus.

Trawled through a cave just to deliver a letter, because Steven doesn't have a home address...

Dagger was critted while training

In Episode 3 of our adventure, Hunter...

Caught a male Whismur called Boombox in the Rusturf tunnel.

Saved an old dude's bird.

Pocket was murdered in cold blood by a wild Whismur.... 😪
(I'm sorry, I wasn't paying attention.... )

BUT! Before I made it to a the Pokemon Center Mr Stone of the Devon Corp fully healed my party. With their ability to revive fossils, do I count this as having brought her back?

Her life is in your hands viewers!

In episode 2 of our adventure Hunter...

Beat up a team aqua grunt

Watered some berries

Made it to Rustboro City

Trained in the woods and Nandos evolved in to Combusken

Beat Roxanne!

Caught a Female Poochyena called Dagger

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