It is with a heavy heart that I have to announce that @Daddybambiboy and I have had to end our relationship

Message from my baby @Daddybambiboy he is having Internet connection issues and is unable to get on here till after the 8th November he says sowwie to all his friends and he will get back to you soon

Dormant no longer, this little guy is gonna be streaming! My schedule (plus some art from the stream) is right here. See ya soon, hopefully! 😎

„Big boy ready to go out” > „Busted” > „Baby boy about to have some time out in his room for grabbing big boy pants from the Laundry” 😭

I have graduated uni but I still haven't graduated potty training

My favorites: White disposable diapers or white cloth diapers and clear plastic pants. diapers pants

Trying out new bed teds from DottyDiaperCo. Liking so far, cute design and very comfy

For those in the uk that would like a UK made cloth nappy cover head over to
Please be aware 1that they are not abdl aware and 2 are a small startup company

@thatbabyboy Also two onesie pics from the weekend that I just found too cute not to post😊
... and you can baaaaarely see that I'm padded, right?🤣

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Blue's weekend in a summary after my big brother @thatbabyboy put me in nicorns all days:
🦄 🦄 🦄 🦄

Maybe I will remember them now ... but probably not🤣

I know I don't post that often and most of my shoots are the same and boring but this is my supper soggy camalots had it on from 11:30am till 21:00 with no leaks

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