Happy new year to all of you stay padded in the new year and to all the care givers out there hope its OK for us littles to stay up to see it in

To all littles make sure your well padded and in bed early tomorrow night as you want to be asleep when santa comes

Merry Christmas to all and happy new year

@Daddynurse hi daddynurse
I was wondering if you do online care as I am looking for someone to do that for me as I am not able to travel easily

Mommy snuck a picture of me while I was watching tv upside down.🙃 What do you think?

Got nappies now padded up for the night
I got some tykables camo and some tea ultima

Got a new supply of nappies coming today yeahs

What are all you littles upto today
Unfortunately I am having to be big and work but what ever you are doing make sure it is fun and padded so you can enjoy it without any worries

Forgot to post Moring change well 11am change second change of day from wet to dry tena

Ta Da! Final product! Can be adjusted to suit your body. Also going to work on a double horizontal strap version for those who like a snugger fit.

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