I got this excellent blankie from etsy form a company call neverland blankets please go and take a look if you do buy please message them and say I sent you as they have just started up and I was their first customer

@Nappyboyallan looks like it don't know about you but I did not get any follows for the first 24 hours of posting something and I had to find people to follow and we aren't all active every day

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@Nappyboyallan hi it looks to my that you have only just started to post and it takes time some of us have been on here for a while and only have a few followers so give it time and keep posting

For non UK the 75 GSM is still just postage but may be higher

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Below are examples of stuffed animals birth certificates I can make either on 75 GSM white paper for costs of postage UK this is around £1.00 or on parchment type paper around 200 GSM for £3.00 Inc postage

I will leave this for a few days to get info then collate and cost materials as I have a plan I am working on for this

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Hi Bigs and littles out there I have a question for you .
If I can make a adult changing mat side sides for a reasonable price
1) What you you be willing to pay
2) What size would you like ie: 6ft long as one piece or as 2 or 3 smaller bits
3) What colours would you like
4)Would you like the option of a printed cloth cover

I got some tax refund money come in and after sorting out bills that needed to be paid decided to get a large for me supply of nappies of have a draw full of 1 pack each pupster, the new rearz lama and littlerawrz plus 1 pack each in cupboard cammies another little rawrz, galaxy and rearz inspire +.
Hoping that lasts a few months

Apparently I couldn’t be trusted with just locking pants so I was fully restrained

Bout hour after getting up(6am) and changed today and was already wet now i change again at 10 as was leaking hop to get till late lunch before changing again

Thanks to all who voted I am pleased to announce the that the namethat was selected via the vote was Oscar so please meet Oscar the bear. And thanks go to bluestar for the name

Time to vote the names are Oscar Walter or lakeson the vote is open for the next 3 days

Need some help to name my latest teddy.
Please post via reply before midnight UK timeon Wednesday then I will pick 3 for a vote

No pic as forgot to take but the pupster lasted 10 hours

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