I am going to a social tomorrow and have a poll to run which stuffy to take pics in in comment to help

Was told yesterday by 3 separate littles at 3 different times that I was the best Mommy in Ohio. Made me so happy!

Daddy's little man of the match. Maybe when I'm a little older, I could be a mascot?

Treated myself to a sample pack of Abu little Kings they so comfy

Not postage in ages 1 due to mental health issues 2 work and covid 3 moving in to my own place but now hoping to have more little time now have some nappies and no one around to hide it from

It is with a heavy heart that I have to announce that @Daddybambiboy and I have had to end our relationship

Message from my baby @Daddybambiboy he is having Internet connection issues and is unable to get on here till after the 8th November he says sowwie to all his friends and he will get back to you soon

Dormant no longer, this little guy is gonna be streaming! My schedule (plus some art from the stream) is right here. See ya soon, hopefully! 😎 picarto.tv/ChaseCh

„Big boy ready to go out” > „Busted” > „Baby boy about to have some time out in his room for grabbing big boy pants from the Laundry” 😭

I have graduated uni but I still haven't graduated potty training

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