Forgot to post Moring change well 11am change second change of day from wet to dry tena

Ta Da! Final product! Can be adjusted to suit your body. Also going to work on a double horizontal strap version for those who like a snugger fit.

Part 2. My change bag has become my best friend and I went everywhere with it. I did feel a little anxious about everything this time, probably just worried about leaking etc. I'm not sure where this is all going but I really do feel that something within me has changed, whenever I'm Little I seem to be more content and relaxed. I've never before thought of having a caregiver/daddy but the thought of that now is something that is appealing to me

Latest Catheter Experience. So Ive just had my last catheter in for 96 hours (4days). The more I use one the more I want to use one, I've been thinking of more prolonged use as an attempt to shrink my bladder. Possibly leading to incontinence. As you may of seen in my photos I went to the Hotel bar for my dinner in my Tykeables shortall and a onesie. I wore a hoodie over the top as I wasn't brave enough not to, but I think its only a matter of time before I go out without it.

can any body remember the link to the littles meet on 15 jun in southampton I have lost it

I am so conflcited on these, they hold loads, but the tapes are soooooo bad and close together ><

One work day left till 4 day easter break yeah

Ready for day at work will post changes and may be a more public pic as well

Woke up soaked
You guys have 1.5 hours from this posting to decide if I wear at work today.
And I will post pics though out the day as well if yes

I enjoyed wearing the a lot! I tend to prefer over since cloth was the texture I remember from when I was younger, but these are totally comfy and cute!

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