Tumblr Throwback Thursday...

“Are you just going to sit there sulking all day? Look, I’m sorry but it’s wash day and you haven’t got any clean pants or trousers. You’ll just have to wear one of your little brother’s nappies for a few hours, alright? If you’d told me earlier in the week that you were running low, this wouldn’t be a problem, would it?”

“But… but what if I need a wee?”


Into a dry nappy for 2 day of work hope to get a change pic at work today

Me very wet and messy after getting home from work now showered and in dry nappy

While looking for something else in the app store and found a app called chastikey for all those who like to be locked up

No pics at the moment but decided to wear to work today as out side all day

This naughty little boy has grown too big for his britches lately. After some discussion it's been decided he needs to spend sometime locked in chastity and diapered 24/7. elEvery boost or favorite this pic gets between now and midnight Pacific time on 1/1 will add 1 day. Maximum of 100 days. If we exceed the max additional tasks and punishments (spankings, enemas, humiliation) will be added. So abdl.link give my naughty butt the punishment I deserve

Santa asked me to help his elves to wrap some presents. He said that if I do this for him, I might, just might, make it onto the "nice list" this year.

Hope everyone has a nappy Christmas and a soggy New year.
What's everyone hoping to get from santa?

Me it is a new oneise and some shortalls

Just got home from work as was in clothing which takes long time to get off was wearing to work


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