So, i fluffed my diaper very well to the point it magically fit. Then I discovered this song called "Build me up Buttercup"By torch. A song I can actually sing and share Catharsis bc, its that great!!! Then, I played 4 hours of Minecraft and came across this movie my mom was so scared of its pretty good and funny. (Dave is hot btw.)

Having a great time with my boys. Went to a shady Chinese restaurant in Reedsburg, WI and played Smash Bros at the peak of the moon. (6pm-1am)

Went to the candy shop with two boosters, a bubbly tummy and a little pawz. I was having aVERY hard time walking...luckily the amount of moving fixed my waddling.

Thought I'd drop a new mini comic.
Somebody out there said I needed "thiccier pampers". Let's see what happens next week.🤫 Also, my roommates bother me about humping my bear and thinking I do that. But, I guess I do when I need help with stickies...😒

Now, this was when I was too shy to show my face. Never thought at the time pull ups fit very well with 5'6. At the same time hiding from my dad who doesn't like the ABDL side of me. (2 years ago)

Vlogging with my feet! Hahahaa. Almost done with JobCorps. Graduate tommorow. Then, I move to this City in New York next to Albany...Starts with a B....Bringingham or some weird name. But, let's watch this Sonic Movie first!!

Can we hurry a bit please ? I'm not sure I can hold this way for a long time.

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