Trying Bambino Catstronauts for the first time. I expected Shasta and Shadow to be more impressed 🤔

Merry Caturday Christmas. Persia wishes the best today for all littles, middles, and bigs.

Happy Thanksgiving for those in the United States. To celebrate, I'm still in my nighttime diaper after 18 hours.

Afternoon diaper check by Geoffrey, and his verdict is an imminent change

So long old friend. We had good times last night. 😉

Cooler this morning but still humid. I went for a walk down the rail trail behind the house

Might be in need of a morning change soon ... nah 🤔

Going for the "classic" look tonight. Wearing a pair of Gerber plastic pants that a friend sent me over a cloth diaper.

Tried out a different diaper a new friend put on me yesterday. No leaks after 13 hours

Morning diaper with latex pants. Underwear is now ready for the day.

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