i found a french ABDL shop and they have have a diaper that looks like ABU Cushies, but they have a different name and have other branding on the diaper.
the french shop page, they are called : france-abdl.fr/exterieur-plast
the ABU shop page: eu.abuniverse.com/product/cus/

does anyone know what this is about? do they just used the same design?

The left images are from france-abdl.fr, the right images are from ABU

There is (was) , but it's out of stock everywhere. That would nice to put on a plain diaper, or on a plain whatever.

This sounds stupid, but better ask then making embarrassing mistakes.
What animal is that?
Whale🐋🐳, Dolphin🐬, Shark 🦈, Fish🐟🐠?

Because I don't wet them I can wear the same diaper several times, but they are not so great after beeing plushed together by my weight for a night long.

Not made by me. This time with image caption. Why did you not tell me @PleaseCaption

Crotch shot with diaper on. 

I just found out that the green animal on the peakABU isn't a cow but a dragon. i mean it has cute little horns.

I have a advent calendar. The image is a bit blury because ofbthe foil. I'm already excited.

I just wanna listen to podcasts without black foil bits sticking to my ears.

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