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This is my kink/ABDL/NSFW account. It's a bit weird to interact with "normal people" with fetish profile. I don't want to metaphorically shove them my diapered butt in theire face, when they just want to see who fav/retoot/commented on theire toot.

I made another account (@Gregor) for SFW stuff, follow this one if you are uncomfortable with diaper fetish stuff.

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So today’s the day the nursery has finally arrive and I am super excited. Daddy and I have been spent the day setting it up and making sure everything is perfect.

It’s fair to say over the last few weeks l have been quite nervous about taking this big step. I have had nursery’s before and not used them due to many reason, however this time it is different. I have been sleeping in my nursery fire the last 2 months, but now it has the right furniture in it.

I hope you all like what we have done

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hugging plushy's easy,
hugging people's hard.

Turns out that at about 7 plushies, you don't see them as 7 individuals but more like one plushie pile.
it's great.

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@support suggestion for
Building blocks with letters as custome emojis here.

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2018: got kik for something else, later joined some kinky groups including diapers and medical kink, got an enema kit, more baby bottles, butt plugs, dildo

2019: got my first medical diapers, first drugstore diapers (DM, Müller, Rossmann), then some medical diapers (Nona, Seni), joined, joined some discord servers.

2020: ABDL diapers, Adult Pacifier, onesie

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Short summary of my kinky past(1/?):

2007: so that's masturbation ...
2010: why does touching my butt feels nice?
2011: diapers are interresting, in humilating and controlling way
2012: got a blow up sex doll as a prank present for my 18th birthday, never used it, kinda dissapointed it wasn't a dildo or a butt plug.
2013: diapers are interresting, in a age play way.
2015: got myself a baby bottles and baby pacifiers

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Hey, when did you start being interrested in ABDL? And when did you actually wore your first real diaper?

Do you all know there is a Telegram chat?

Cont., ABDL medical roleplay, bondage 

Do you need a plushie? I'm just gonna put that fox on your chest and he will be here for you all night. Now get some rest. You have a long session of hypnosis therapy tomorrow. Good night.

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ABDL medical roleplay, bondage 

This is not a punishment, the restraints are just for my and your own safety. They are extra comfy cuffs for overnight use, just like your diaper. Remember the call button is only for emergencies. So, if you have to pee, you will have to use the diaper. And if you have used your diaper you will have to wait for the diaper change after breakfast. I don't think I can untie you by then, but getting spoon fed like a baby wasn't that bad right?

I went to the hardware store. Kinda regret not getting more.

Because of kinky reasons I wore a panty hose during the night the last two days. And they are kinda tight. But I feel weirdly awake in the morning, not so tired. Now im wondering, is that a blood pressure thing?
It's n=2 and it my correlate with wearing diapers, but still.

Is it just me that as soon as you put on the diaper you feel the need to pee. You don't feel like you have to go before but then with the padding you go into baby mode.

Got some new diapers :diaper: :nappy: . I like the giraffe the best, that cute slight smile🙂.
And I'm already wearing one, put it in yesterday and slept with it.

The are little for big, little circus.

You get a chip that allows controll over your bodily function of your crotch and your partner has the remote.

At first it's fun to have a orgasm button. But now they have turned you incontinent and no matter how hard you try you can't orgasm.

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