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abdl, relationship 

oh gosh, i love the sound of this so much

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kink, abdl, birthday 

just 1 minute left, but i've now officially spent the last two birthdays in diapers

all the days between too--meaning i was padded for 100% of the time i was 26!

hee. this feels pretty good

It's really great to take off the wet diaper you have been wearing all night and put on a dry diaper that you immediatly wet.

You know what happens to little babies who don't wanna wear diapers?
They have to wear diapers anyway.

I'm still in the wet diaper that I put on for bed, okay I'm still in bed, but it's 2pm

The ABU Little Kings diapers look great. They are exclusive to japan.

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kink (diapers, bathroom usage), "you" 

I'd love to hear a date ask, "before we go to dinner, did you grab an extra diaper?"

I want it to be expected of me to fill my diaper, only because that's exactly what I've been doing for so long 💜

-- raccoon cat 💜

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kink (diapers, bathroom usage) 

i want there to be a diaper underneath my dress 💜

i want to be out on a date and have to stop at a store with them, because i forgot to bring an extra. there's no way i'll be making it home in time to pick up another 💜

-- raccoon cat 💜

@james @support The normal mastodon has some cool features like the auto delete, will you merge the "bottle" branch with it?

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There is a layer of ice and snow on my driveway and there are supposed to be snow showers overnight😖Sounds like the perfect day to stay in and stay padded​:diaper:

Teasing the reader about theire diaper. Humiliation 

Is that a diaper? Oh my god you are actually wearing a diaper like a toddler. I heared you are having some accidents but i didn't belive it, but it's true you are a diapered looser.
Everybody look at it, i think it's wet. They peed in theire diaper. What a perverted freak. Do you need a change? Are you going to call mommy to change your piss soaked diaper?
Where is your binky you big cry baby? What do you wanna do about that? Throw a tantrum?

The black Northshore diapers are super stealthy. They are my new favorite.

Not to brag but i have enough plushies that i can't hug them all at the same time.


Medicine that makes you fall asleep in ten minutes.
But it's so strong that you gonna wet yourself.

So you trade insomnia for bedwetting. It's fair.

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my incredibly hot take is if everyone involved is over 18 I don’t actually give a shit how many pacifiers they own

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Sometimes I have to stop and progress how far I have come in regards of diapers. It's nit just my favorite porn category anymore.
OveralI i have spend several hundred euros in kinky stuff. diapers, toys, plushies, patreon and pornsites.
It's kinda weird how it became like a hobby, but I never told my family or friends about it. It's none of theire business and it would be weird, but on the other hands it's such a big chunk of my life and who I am.

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