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This is my kink/ABDL/NSFW account. It's a bit weird to interact with "normal people" with fetish profile. I don't want to metaphorically shove them my diapered butt in theire face, when they just want to see who fav/retoot/commented on theire toot.

I made another account (@Gregor) for SFW stuff, follow this one if you are uncomfortable with diaper fetish stuff.

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A video version of my guide to making custom diapers! You might need to pause it to read everything. It’s 18+ just to be safe, so you’ll probably need to be logged in to watch. I’m sure there is a typo in there, but I think I did okay for a baby.

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i found a french ABDL shop and they have have a diaper that looks like ABU Cushies, but they have a different name and have other branding on the diaper.
the french shop page, they are called :
the ABU shop page:

does anyone know what this is about? do they just used the same design?

The left images are from, the right images are from ABU

There is (was) , but it's out of stock everywhere. That would nice to put on a plain diaper, or on a plain whatever.

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What animal is that?
Comment if neither or you know more.

This sounds stupid, but better ask then making embarrassing mistakes.
What animal is that?
Whale🐋🐳, Dolphin🐬, Shark 🦈, Fish🐟🐠?

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I made a diapee for Bearemy too! Now he can be padded with me, and can model off his diapee peeking through his shorts too!

*squezzes plushie* this bad boy can fit so much inquid inside

My bed is wet, but it was a plushie...

Please hear me out, I washed one and it's still wet.

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And that’s how my groin came to be completely soaked.

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If "2019" is so great why isn't there a "2019 Remastered“?

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Best weekend with these soggy butts!... particularly @hollyhoney19 who turned 6 years old 😋

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How do i say 2019-12-31 and 2020-01-01?
🙁 New Years Eve 2019 and New Years Day 2020
🙂 New Years Eve 2019 and Day 2020
🙂 New Year 2019 to 2020
😀 New Year 2019 --> 2020
😃 New Year 2019 ➡ 2020
😁 2019 ➡ 2020
😂 2019++;

I have saved one unused diaper each from the three different packages of adult diapers I bought. Just for the memories. I have put them in Ziplock bags with a piece if the packaging, to know what product they were. Kinda like a collection, but super amateur.

What do you think? This is ...

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