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This is my kink/ABDL/NSFW account. It's a bit weird to interact with "normal people" with fetish profile. I don't want to metaphorically shove them my diapered butt in theire face, when they just want to see who fav/retoot/commented on theire toot.

I made another account (@Gregor) for SFW stuff, follow this one if you are uncomfortable with diaper fetish stuff.

I should downsize my adbl stash, three baby bottles is enough, and only the rings and cover plates and nipples that i like the most.

Idea: A padlocks that just need the press of a recessed button to open them, just small enough that you can't reach it with your bare hands.

Literally any key works or even a plastic spoon, a coin or a laminated piece of paper. A universal lock that you can't be opened without a tool, but the tool is trivial. You can have several designs of the them and you only need one tool to open all of them. And vice versa, everybody has something handy to open them.

my dick in a chastity cage, body hair 

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Soon this extreme month will be over. Diploma defence, exams, the TOEFL exam, work, my bf moving to another country for a while and other stuff all in one month is too much. Gladly, I am at least getting enough sleep and food to keep me alive.

Padded up for the night, which I haven't done for a while. I somehow need to tell myself that I can wear casually, whenever I feel like it, and that wearing a diaper won't make me less productive.

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Saturday night cuddles with my four favourite stuffies Siberia fudge , caramel and Thomas.

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All the essential for a work day plus a diaper (slush can stay out on the desk so he sat in my bag guarding the diaper bag)

dick in chastity, day 2 

penis, chastity, dildo, butt 

New idea:
cage during the day, for the night, the cage is too big ti wear diapers comfortable.
And lots of ass fucking with regular enemas, i'm feeling super submissive.


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Me: Mom, can we get 🏳️‍🌈?
Mom: We have 🏳️‍🌈 at home
The 🏳️‍🌈 at home:

making fun of that chastity meme 

pic of my dick in a chastity cage 

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Note to myself, use this:
( ◕ᴗ◕)っ✂╰⋃╯bye bye

Make sure to use the wrong name for the electronic toys of your littles
Pokémon -> poke men, poke mum, puckmon, pokies
Any console -> playbox, gamestation, Nintendo box, gamebox, gamethingy, gamecomputer, arcadebox, gaming tv, gameswitch, racing box, xcube

I'm out now. That damn lock started to rust. WTF?
And my skin got all weird.

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