So i was making and i failed, and I got one liter of water flavored pudding. 🤣😃

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Freiheit ist mehr als unbeschränktes Datenvolumen!
Freedom is more than unlimited data volume!


I had the apartment for myself and did weird stuff you can't do when people are around:
Washing baby bottles in the dishwasher.

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Wenn zusehends infantilere Umgang von Werbung und Politik mit im Schnitt immer älteren Menschen - dümmliches Duzen selbstverständlich eingeschlossen - in bestehendem Maße erhalten bleibt, werden die Altenheime der Zukunft aus Bällebädern bestehen.

Ich freue mich darauf.

Stupid joke 

shit post, stupid joke, *trying to impress meme* 

Updated it for my needs, it now replaces the https with http, i use it for lists of links

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Das soziale Netzwerk #Tumblr mit mehr als 450 Millionen Blogs bekommt einen neuen Eigentümer. Der aktuelle Eigentümer #Verizon verkauft das Projekt an #Wordpress-Anbieter #Automattic.
Nach der großen Nackedei-Löschaktion, war das Netzwerk bestimmt zu einem Schnäppchenpreis zu haben.

I just had a figurative heart attack:
I was about to put on a diaper, had it unfolded and laying on my char. i took off my cloth except my underwear and then my mother (biological, not in any kinky way) came in my room. I stood in the line of sight between her and the diaper. I think she didn't saw it or didn't recognize it as a diaper.

My Duolingo streak has ended, my mood is "fuck everything".

Just had 24h of beeing diapered, it involved me staying in my room and only coming out when my parents weren't home/awak.

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Hey, is this a common problem?:
Shortly after applying the tapes, they can be removed and reapplied but later (in my case one night) they rip a hole in the plastic foil.

Searching for stuff online:
Search engine: Found it, it was mentioned in a title of a thread, on the 8th page in this forum
Link: [url.tld]/forum/category-8/section-1?page=7
Site: *is useless*

It's 2019, why is this still a thing? It should be easy to mark content as dynamically generated and not reliable as a primary source.

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misinfo, css shitpost 

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[erstes Date]

Sie: Niveau ist keine Hautcreme 🤣🤣🤣

Ich: Anal ist keine Tankstelle.

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