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My bum hurts, from riding bike for the first time for a few years.

Last day of my Netflix subscription. Any suggestion what to watch today?

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: Translate this sentence "Je suis un petit entfant."
(I am a little child.)

Me: "Ich bin ein kleines Kind."

Duolingo: Das ist richtig.
(That's correct.)

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gross body horror + food 

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You are just one image scraping bot away from not beeing able to delete your pictures. And it's just a number game when some face recognition is applied on the pictures.

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@Gregor only yesterday. It’s been a lot of work keeping up with the approvals and I need a break. If people already know someone on the platform it’s easy to get an invite. If not the Patreon provides one.

@james When did you decided to close the registrations? Just curious because i just found out.

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