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This is my kink/ABDL/NSFW account. It's a bit weird to interact with "normal people" with fetish profile. I don't want to metaphorically shove them my diapered butt in theire face, when they just want to see who fav/retoot/commented on theire toot.

I made another account (@Gregor) for SFW stuff, follow this one if you are uncomfortable with diaper fetish stuff.

How hard is sewing? Can I make cloth diaper inserts from an old towel. I sewn by hand so far but I would use a sewing machine and I think I would need to do stuff with the seams so it doesn't fray.

I'm very responsible, I put a bed pad on the sofa before sitting down, not gonna ruin the sofa with my wet diaper

What method do you prefere to determin the wetness and messyness of your diaper?

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What's you opinion about ABDL stories where the protagonist is under age. You know the usuall "mom put me in diapers at age 16"

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Keep your littles safe, take theire temperature when changing theire diapers.

What's you opinion about ABDL stories where the protagonist is under age. You know the usuall "mom put me in diapers at age 16"

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A bit gore-y. 

My grandfather always loved to drink milk and ate steak everyother day, but then karma punished him.
He was attacked by a dairy cow, he spend two month in a hospital and they had to amputate part of his foot.

And now he ...

... lac toes.

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I've always wanted to get a custom chastity cage with my logo on it. Too bad my keyholder made me a girl before I could order it. Now I'm stuck in this feminization cage, with him in charge of the keys...

#chastity #sissy #feminization #bodywriting

Showing of all my dicks 

What a better time to put on the cage than ?

Hat jemand hier Bock einen deutschsprachigen ABDL Podcast zu machen?

Vorläufiger Arbeitstitel:

Sexy life hack:
You can stick the two sucction cups. Of two normal dildos together to create a double dildo

Are there any not so obvious abdl items that one should get? So far I got:

Pacifiers (baby and adult size) :dummy:
Pacifier clip
Teething ring
baby bottles (with nipple, sippy cup and a drinking straw top)🍼
Ball gag

baby powder
baby oil
baby wipes

Diapers (duh)

Coloring stuff (printed sheets, crayons, colored pencils)
Toy cars, Lego, Duplo
Children books
night light

Butt plug
Chastity cage
Enema stuff

I'm diapered again, I put some tap water in the diaper before putting it on. So I feel wet but I'm also clean.

What if mom already knows about the diapers, but hasn't said anything yet.

But that means she knows it would be super arkward to bring it up.

Yeah, sounds like a thing she would do.

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