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Trying new stuff that i got today.
There is a think medical diaper underneat.

I ordered new diapers, they were supposed to be here Friday, but I guess they will take till Monday.
I'm diapered in a cloth diaper to have the padded feeling at least.

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tfw some of the best, most advanced work you've done is all on a kink-related project that you're not comfortable showing off to the wider world

I kinda want to work on some informational website for the ABDL community. Maybe a wiki and some news postings.

I got new diapers:
* ABU Bunnyhops
* ABU Dinoraws
* ABU Cushies
* ABU AlphaGators (only a sample pack)

I already tried the BunnyHops and ripped one of the tapes, I fixed it with some duct tape.

here is over one and a half minute of light diaper spanking.

I was diapered today, when I changed I found out why the diaper was so oft in the butt area, the fabric has ripped, and I was sitting in the loose SAP.

With a few feet of duct tape I managed to have a smooth and featureless crotch. It was nice to cuddle my plushies naked but without any sexual implications. Laying with my legs spread apart with just nothing inbetween was great. I felt very cute, innocent and babyish. Maybe the next time i try to do it in a way that i can still pee.
Later I had to pee and had to peel it off.

A friend got these letter display (light box, letter box?)
Took the opportunity to write this:

Sharp object, medical equipment, no blood, no flesh, no skin 

I got a scalpel, it's not magically sharp, but it's good.
It was sharp enough to cut small layers of a piece of cardstock.
Then I recreated that meme and did surgery on a grape.
It's fun to pretend to be a surgeon and do small cuts on stuff.
I also learned a lot about the different blade shapes and the standardized blade holders. That little 10 in the first picture means it's a number 10 blade, they are kinda the default.

There are so many damn cute fabric patterns for onesie. I can't decide and when you wear it you can't really appreciate the pattern. I want a big quilt with all the adorable designs.

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I grabbed lunch being perfectly disguised as a big boy. Nobody can tell what's beneath. Except for the loud crinkles. And maybe the big bulge.

I've never been into sissyfication / feminization, but these diapers rock. And I do admit I like the prints ☺️

And I also admit I had fantasies before about going on a playdate at my friend's, having an accident and being put in his younger sister's diaper as they ofcourse didn't have boys diapers anymore. Anyone can relate?

diaper kink, bondage 

(it's okay if you tease me)

kink meta 

I kinda want more reverse findom.
Having items at home that you know you earned by being such a good sub must be nice.
Like prostitution but whole some because both parties know the cash is just a symbol and payment for labor.

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kink meta 

is findom actually that big or are there just lots of people trying to get money from a handful of kinky people?

You are wet again! You know the rules ...

(Actually there are no rules, but having you "recite" the rules you want me to enforce is a good way of asking you how you wanna play.)

Diaper Roleplay 

"Your bedwetting is completely natural. You are turning into a sissy. You probably noticed that you are having trouble getting or keeping an errection. Your body is changing. You will become incontinent and you will get some small boobs. Do you have a partner? There are many ways for a sissy to find a caregiver.
Judging from your state you have about a month till you are a complete sissy. If you don't have a caregiver by then I have to report you as a un supervised sissy."

Maybe I should get up and put on a new diaper.

I'm diapered in a crinklz with two booster pads, it's so thick.
But I think it would leaked if I hadn't put them in. Bed time Gregor knows that I'm a big baby and need the extra protection.

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