Plushie net! :DD

I had 3 garbage bags full of plushies, and all the smaller ones fit just perfect in the net now. :D

And Fimbul is super stoked about having his friends back!
And oh gosh does it make me feel small when they look down at me... >/////<

Ah yes, Francine, please send in the employee I would like to talk to.

Ah, Mister Blue|Our HR Manager has reviewed your Q1 performance, not looking good for you Mister Blue. We may need to let you go|You might not fit our company. But I'm giving you a new chance, don't waste it.

Yey, all done ^^ It's a little kids' bookshelf i bought, wanted to use it as a night stand :D

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Got cushy thanks to's encouragement 💜


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