How do locking plastic pants work? Considering buying some, can they be removed with effort?

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I don't think I'm ever gonna be able to come back from well fitting abdl diapers.

Messing (text post) 

Guess that diaper! Had to use a ton of undersized underwear to squish it close since the tapes are nowhere near big enough for my thighs.

If the legs were a bit tight on the Abena M4s for me, what kind of abdl diaper should I get? I want something a little furry.

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Guess an ABU medium is a lot smaller than an abena medium. Shame on me for not doing research.

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abdl, anarchism 

Just landed 2 big clients. Guess what I'm spending this excess cash money on?

I've also fallen in love with shortalls...anyone know where to pick some up for not $80? If it has a snap crotch id be in love. Such a cute warning label.

Thoughts on wearingclouds? Where do you Littles on somewhat of a budget get your diapers?

I was looking at a comparison between rearz safari and abriform thickness and oh man... I don't know whether to be scared or if I want it.

Another wet night. Looks like I'm gonna need another pack of these...

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