I back from a day trip . I'd do not remember wetting myself but my diaper is definitel getting used .

I used to be scared about my affairs including 247 diaper training being known
I now enjoy having a wonderful time when someone notices me waddling around with the difficulties to walk quickly and quietly

Today I had an interesting accident while hearing water running for dishes. I only had a few seconds when it happened and I wet myself for over a minute straight. I was left knowing that you can make yourself have a bladder of a infant. I instantly regressed into a toddler and cried for wetting myself in front of my friends.

I lost my control 😞 and now I'm diapered with extreme bulk to show everyone that I pee myself uncontrollably

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Yesterday I was triggered by something and I was under a trance for hours wet myself uncontrollably

Diaper training must not have fear of your Diaper being seen constantly


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