I tried a different diaper to the normal ones I wear. What can I say?
They hold a lot, swell nicely, feels great and I love the design. ☠🥰😍
Hope you like the photos as well. 😚

Hey Guys,
It seem you like the pictures I've posted. I apprechiate it.
But I have a question: What kind of content do you like to see next? Nearly everyting could be possible. 😉
Every message is welcome.

For some reason I like to take pictures of me in diapers.
It would be cool if I could do this with someone. 🙃😉😅

Alone at home in my Dad's house and enjoying the nice warm weather in his garden, in my nice (and quite wet) diaper. 😋🤭😎🌤

I can stay dry at night without any diaper
But why do I always start to wet the bed when I wear a diaper? 🤔😅🙈

My father asked me if I would like to be the first to shower today and he would shower and clean up afterwards. If he had known there was another, better, reason to shower under my towel when I passed him... 😅🙈😬

I rushed home to use the bathroom, but when I took off my pants and shoes, I lost the fight at the last second, once again. 🥺
Fortunately I was diapered today... 😅🤷‍♂️

Part #2 at the workshop
It's funny to sit at the workbench and maybe my diaper was a little bit wet I think. 😅 🤭


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