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#nacked #diaper #diaperchange 

Oh, I see your skin is a bit red. Better put some baby powder on that during your diaper change then...​:diaper:​​:diaper:

Good morning. Time for the days first diaper change...​:nappy_wet:​​:nappy:

One of my biggest dreams, is to enable myself to wet my diaper while asleep. I’ve been trying for many years, but mission is still not accomplished. I always wake up, and need to concentrate to pee while laying down in my bed.
Any tips or advice??

Changed my nick to Fluffi - previous Danish AB boy. Don’t know why I started with that nick. I have used Fluffi as my Adult Baby nick since I started on the internet around 1999.

My personal is rarely updated, but feel free to take a look if you wish.

1620 wet wipes. I guess that should be enough for the next 500 diaper changes ​:diaper:​​:diaper_wet:​​

Jeans with room for diaper.
Do you have any good suggestions?

This weekend I will wear my Tigger suit for a skiing weekend in Winterberg Germany. I guess I can find enough space to wear a diaper in that ;)

Let’s go shopping, but remember to pack a few diapers, in case you need a change....

Still in bed in my wet diaper. But I guess I better get up and bake bread for breakfast. I think the diaper will be ok for a bit longer before I get changed....​

How do you put videos in your posts??

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