Inspired by @maxdl - i changed my morning diaper to a tiepant. Wonderfull to be able to work from home diapered like a baby, and with my pacifier clipped to my onezie :)

@Fluffi tie pant is really eco-friendly and economic. ❤️ :baby_dummy: :diaper_wet:

@maxdl Well yes, I reuse the tie pants until they rip apart after several washes.
Can you buy adult tie pants in good quality in Turkey?

@Fluffi no, unfortunately it is not sold for adults

@maxdl i have around 60 tiepants for adults I bought 12 years ago. I am so happy I bought them at that time, because they are very hard to find these days. And when you do find them, they are very expensive.
Here is a link to a Danish shop with tie pants (Blesnipper in Danish)

@Fluffi thhanks my friend. The tiepant for older kids fits me. I'm buying them for now. One dollar in a package and three tiepants in it.

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